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A super slimmer who shed four dress sizes after being dumped by boyfriends for being too fat has finally found love - just in time for Valentine's Day.Marie Mace, 30, said her relationships never lasted long because of her wobbly waistline. Marie Mace was determined to lose weight after she was treated poorly by several ex boyfriends. The income advisor suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and so gains weight easily while finding it difficult to lose. One long term boyfriend had an affair, and I know my weight played a part in it.'One ex even told me that he wouldn't take me out to restaurants or bars because he was too ashamed to be seen with me, so we had to stay in my house.

She was advised to lose weight by her doctor after tipping the scales at 16st 1lb.'I always avoided scales, so when my doctor told me how much I weighed I was shocked and embarrassed,' Ms Mace said. In fact, for beginners or people who have a lot weight to lose, a few basic equipment-free moves might be the best way to get started. A spokesman for the company, which provides precision weighing equipment, said: 'This shows girlfriends talk to each other about their bodies, weight issues and dress size on a daily basis. However, whilst girls are comfortable talking about their own weight and criticising themselves, in truth, most girls would not be able to cope with a friend telling them they needed to slim down.

Buying fatty and sugary snacks means paying for 'empty calories' (calories with no nutrients) which can contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess!' Julia urges people like Christina to take some responsibility for their own health for their own good.She said: 'It's such a shame that people don't put more value on their own health, we all know the obesity crisis is putting a huge strain on the economy, there's nothing cheap about that! But 27 per cent of girls have already been told by a boyfriend that they needed to shape up  -  and of these, one in ten dumped the man.

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