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For training to have a direct carry-over (transfer specificity) to sport performance, training must involve strengthening movement patterns- the training must simulate what is happening while the athlete is playing. Bootcamps are either 35 minutes (Macclesfield only) or 60 minutes outdoor fitness sessions.
Powerbag training, unlike most traditional weight training equipment, utilises the movement and instability of the Powerbag itself to create an element of unpredictability during your workout thus promoting  the development of a strong torso providing a stable platform around which the limbs can move efficiently. This helps to make Powerbag based training more effective than many training approaches towards improving performance in real world situations, be they sporting or otherwise.

Using a medicine ball adds a whole new dimension to your training since it takes you through all planes of motions. One of the most attractive benefits of Kettlebell training is that they can be used by beginners or the more advanced fitness levels alike. The Tornado ball is a fun and challenging training tool designed specifically to develop rotational power.
The Trainers use all the different pieces of Bootcamp equipment to exercise the entire body improving conditioning and fitness.

Kettlebell training works the body as a complete unit improving your conditioning, stamina and endurance, and aiding fat loss.
This class is fun and functional and will target your entire body with the use of various pieces of equipment.

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