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ON THE internet I keep running across the same image - the scowling face of a teenage boy - accompanied by the words: Fix Defiant ODD Children. It's billed as a way to help troubled teens in Hollywood, Calif., but a military-style boot camp run by two Los Angeles police officers appears to bully and intimidate kids enrolled in the program, and has led to a departmental investigation. The two officers behind the boot camp, Ismael Gonzalez and Alex Nava, have defended the weekend program, which they began in February.
I think what many fail to see that once these kids have successfully completed a boot camp style training and disciplinary alternative, is that the majority, whom are already lacking parental figures or guidance and clearly on a path of a life of crime, actually turn their lives around for the better. People Wake up, I begged for my son, there was no program then, my son is sitting in prison for using an air gun in a spree of robberies, some people laughed at him , he wore a scream mask, he left places that left, but he got 10 years in Prison, and faces another 10 yrs on probabation. But he and Nava charge twice as much -- $200 -- for the 12-week program, in which parents also receive counseling.

Many are residential programs run by private entrepreneurs in “boot camps” and other locked facilities located both inside the US and outside (in Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, etc.). I have the rights to say this as I know got to know them and have been a part of this boot camp. I saw positive changes in my son and I was looking forward to starting him again in the program.
The decline in the economic position of working people over the last few decades has made it even harder for them to cope. The “tough love” approach (which also includes corporal punishment, for example) is especially prevalent among fundamentalists. Be that as it may, there are good reasons for thinking that the task facing parents has become even more daunting.

In the past, except for items like sweets and chocolates, advertisers aimed only at adults.
Schor describes in her book, Born to Buy (Scribner, 2004), children are a primary target of advertising and marketing campaigns.
There is evidence that toxins in the environment such as organophosphates contribute to these disorders by disrupting thyroid hormones (Philip and Alice Shabecoff, Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill, Chelsea Green Publishing 2010, pp.

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