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With boot camps that get you lunging across the Brooklyn Bridge, crawling through sand in Central Park, to doing more burpees than you thought possible in direct view of the Hudson River, these uber instructors get their groove on in summer. Here, we bring you ten totally inspiring and super-effective outdoor boot camp workouts offered in New York City this summer (listed in alphabetical order). The athlete-friendly boot camp uses techniques borrowed from sports training to help fit New Yorkers (most of whom are sports-savvy) get stronger, faster, and more agile. Great outdoor boot camp coming up in Long Beach, New York for the Long Island crowd…Pacific Beach Bootcamp based on Jillian Michaels Bodyshred workout! Kira Stokes is the most talented fitness professional I know, and an awesome person to boot. This summer, a new boot camp set up shop in Central Park and in Montauk, hosting high-intensity classes that cost…whatever you want. Get into the best shape of your life with high intensity outdoor fitness classes in NYC, Brooklyn, and Queens. Get in to the best shape of your life by training outside with local NYC personal trainers. For a typical 6:30pm class we meet about 5-10 minutes before the start time of the boot camp. Workouts are held in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side of Central Park, also in the Columbus circle area. This intense boot camp workout was done in Midtown New York City and these are the actual class participants.

We will be starting an indoor workout program soon so stay updated by joining the NY Boot Camp Meet Up Group and signing up for the Boot Camp Schedule. Each workout in the NY Boot Camp program can boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours or more. When you perform a workout as intense as ours at NY Boot Camp, your muscles are getting torn much more than from other boot camps because we focus isolating the body parts in specific workouts like the Intense Legs Workout. Berman is a tough chick (During a cold winter, she once used the ice in central park as a sliding surface for core work.), and she was intent on toughening us up as the class progressed. Her Stoked FIT Camp is so good, I have been known to schedule trips to NYC around the schedule (I live in Boston). Indoor Boot Camp Classes are held in various locations and most recently in pearl studios NYC. I’ve done bootcamp classes before and i’ve never been pushed as hard as I was in this class!
I’ve taken many a fitness class and done many a bootcamp both indoors and outdoors and as soon as I took my first class with Adam, I was sold.
The Central Park Boot Camp is a high intensity training program that will kick your butt each and every time.
Our classes have variety unlike some boot camp programs that just make you do the same or similar workout each time you attend. If you are late we will be in the Pinetum area just in past the Central Park Loop track towards the east.

Enter the park east or west from 72nd street and follow the main path that follows east to west, or west to east.
The Intense Boot Camp program will be starting soon so get ready for the most intense workouts of your life. The exercises used in this boot camp stem from martial arts, sports drills, military training, and the good old hard core basics of fitness training that most of the world has forgotten.  The drills and exercises done are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone all of your major areas especially the butt, legs, midsections and arms. I began training outdoors as a teen when I did not have a gym membership and got into the best shape of my life simply by performing all kinds of fun body weight, bar, and boot camp style workouts.
The average NY Boot Camp workout burns only 500 calories and typical workouts burn even less. By doing the NY Boot Camp workout you are actually raising the ceiling on your total calorie requirements. That was the best decision I ever made and I have had a blast thus far with the Central Park Boot Camp.

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