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In this video by Bedros Keuilian you’ll discover how to market a fitness boot camp business on a shoestring budget.
Bedros Keuilian covers different parts of a successful personal trainer email marketing campaign. Personal trainer marketing expert Bedros Keuilian helps fitness boot camp and personal trainers through some of their toughest challenges.
Fit Body Boot Camping had a countrywide GroupOn event across 23 regions – likely the biggest fitness facility GroupOn event ever.
This boot camp marketing webinar goes over the top three client getting tactics to help you grow your fitness boot camp business.

Bedros Keuilian speaks about the differences that must be considered when marketing a fitness boot camp to more affluent groups of people. Fitness Marketing expert Bedros Keuilian reveals the top client getting tactics for marketing your fitness boot camp. However, with no seem and systematic intake proccess your GroupOn promotions could end up being a tragedy for the health club or boot camping. The ONE THING that is the most overlooked and grossly mangled system that personal trainers totally screw up.
Fit Body Boot Camping franchise gives it’s proprietors an entire step-by-step intake, clients experience, and conversion proccess to assist turn more GroupOn clients into ongoing clients.

Within this video, Butch (a Fit Body Boot Camping franchise owner) shares how he crated a 6 figure business by delivering exceptions workout routines, results, and client experience.
This is how you will want to craft your own personal training sales script to convert more prospects into paying clients.

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