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I would encourage anybody thinking of Fitness Aerobic  Bootcamp to definitely give it a try. When I first started the boot camp sessions at Standard Fitness Studios, I thought to myself this is the most challenging class I have ever taken.
It’s time to get rid of those flabby arms and saddle bags, and get toned and firmed with Fitness Aerobic Boot Camp! You have the desire, but not the drive or the determination to achieve your weight loss and fitness goal. At Standard Fitness Studios of McDonough,Ga, I destroy all the myths about weight loss and fitness. If you’ve tried other weight loss and fitness programs in the past, only to fail to get the toned and sexy body you desire, it doesn’t mean nothing will work. Although most of our clients are women, we do have men who enjoy our high intensity boot camp workouts.
A boot camp workout at Fitness Aerobic Boot Camp will help you increase your energy level so you’ll have more stamina to enjoy the things you want to do for yourself and with your family.
To get the most out of your workout and burn fat FAST, our monthly boot camp program runs Monday through Friday for 45mins each day. Each body part is worked at least twice per week.

I care about each and every client who attends my Fitness Boot Camp because I’ve been there.
I not only give you my word that you will lose weight and get in shape at Standard Fitness Studios. Let’s face it, my no-risk guarantee is like nothing you’ll see at a Big Box gym or other boot camp. I joined a fitness program called Fitness Aerobic Bootcamp ran by Terryll Wyatt.  As a result, a few of my friends joined with me.
Unlike many of the personal fitness trainers you may meet, I’m one who can truly say that I’ve been exactly where you are right now! Our Fitness Aerobic Boot Camp workouts are conveniently arranged to fit into the busiest of schedules.
I will motivate you to keep going and hold you accountable to your weight loss and fitness goals.
At Standard Fitness Studios, you get the ultimate “out of gym” experience along with an ironclad satisfaction guarantee! You can come to any of our 3 different boot camps scheduled to make sure that you get your exercise in.

In order to get those results, I help them through their challenges and give them all the information they need about weight loss, nutrition and fitness.
But I do it in a fun and friendly atmosphere where you’ll get encouragement from me and from the other members of the boot camp.
I decided to join Fitness Aerobic  Bootcamp after seeing some of my friends make amazing transformations.
See I was allergic to just about everything.  I didn’t have the benefit of having lived with a good example of what good eating habits were.  Many times my attempts at weight-loss failed! I needed to follow the exact same steps you do in order to maintain the type of body form and fitness level I currently have.
But to make that fabulous change in your body, you need to take the first step and sign up for Fitness Aerobic Boot Camp today. I sacrificed and got up each morning at 4:30 to drive 30 minutes to Fitness Aerobic Bootcamp.

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