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From this recipe you can add different types of greens, different vegetables, more fruit or less and so on. According to the USDA, the key to living a long and healthy life is to include a plethora of whole fruits and vegetables in one’s diets. When an individual uses a Vitamix blender to prepare their meals, they do not have to worry about the fiber being stripped out of the fruits and vegetables included in the recipe.
If you do not believe that your Vitamix blender is assisting you in living a healthier lifestyle, then you will have the option of returning it, within a 30 day time period, for a full monetary refund without any questions asked.
An additional benefit in investing in your own Vitamix blender is that each blender is covered by a comprehensive, 7 year warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. This entry was posted in Smoothie Blenders, Vitamix Blenders and tagged Smoothie Blenders, vitamix blender, Vitamix Blenders. If you have a daily green smoothie habit and you do not own a high-end Vitamix blender, you most likely are experiencing some frustration with your current machine. Whether you have a simple $20 blender or a mid-range machine costing around $100, you might be considering an upgrade. I recently decided to move up from my trusty $100 name-brand blender and enter the world of professional-level smoothie blenders.
We’ve all heard that you get what you pay for, and when you invest in a high-end blender, you get high-end smoothies! With my old blender, I’d have to chop everything up before adding it to the pitcher to make a green smoothie. After I enjoyed my green smoothie, I’d then have to clean the blender, which was a chore involving removing the blade assembly from the pitcher and cleaning around the blades with a scrubbing brush.

Blenders blend fruits and vegetables so thoroughly that they break down cell walls, unlocking the maximum amount of nutrients, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that you can’t get from chewing alone.
You will unlock even more nutrition from a high end blender since you won’t have even small bits of greens or other fruits that other blenders might not be powerful enough to handle. Fruits such as pineapples are fully utilized in a high-end blender since they can pulverize and puree the tough core that we usually discard. My Vitmaix blends everything and anything I add to it into a creamy smoothie where my old blender would have likely left behind bits of leaf and chunks of frozen fruit. One of the great selling-points for me on a high-end blender is that they can make hot soup in the blender. In my blender, I can simply add a whole carrot, a plum tomato, a slice of onion, a stalk of celery and 2 cups of hot water with some herbs and spices and in 90 seconds, I have hot, steamy soup packed full of nutrients! Having the ability to make vegetable soup in my blender gives me more options for eating healthy with an active lifestyle. Another benefit to investing in a high-end blender is that they are professional-level machines. A Vitamix blender can do double duty, making the need for a separate food processor obsolete.
If you have adopted a whole foods lifestyle and use your blender on a daily basis, you will see significant improvements in the quality of your smoothies, time and usability by investing in your health and a new, high-end blender.
I’ve used both the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders, and while they are both powerful machines, I truly appreciate (and prefer) the control and versatility of the Vitamix 5200 blender.
With the assistance of a Vitamix blender, this daily quota of fruits and vegetables can be met in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, the ability of a Vitamix blender to tear into the cell membranes of fruits and vegetables releases more of their vitamins and nutrients, which the human body can then absorb. Therefore, if you choose to invest in a Vitamix blender, you may rest assured that your investment will be well protected. When I first watched a live Vitamix demonstration, I was amazed when the rep added whole strawberries (including the caps with green leaves) to the smoothie. The purchase of a Vitamix blender will come with a cookbook that includes hundreds of healthy recipes that can be made with the assistance of a Vitamix blender. Experience the Wonder of Vitamix BlendersOnce you have experienced the wonder of Vitamix blenders, you will wonder how you ever got along without one. The Vitamix Blender – As Healthy as It Is Versatile!The Vitamix blender is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you will find on the market. Choose the Safe Option With Vitamix BlendersVitamix blenders are popular for their superior performance and durable construction.
The Impressive Warranties of Vitamix BlendersOne sign that a manufacturer is confident in the product that they have created is whether they offer an extended warranty on the products that they offer. The Many Benefits of Investing In Your Own Vitamix BlenderThere are numerous benefits to investing in your own Vitamix blender. Get Your Daily Servings of Fruits and Vegetables With Vitamix BlendersThe USDA recommends that individuals eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

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