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For his next exercise, John shows us how to work both biceps at the same time in the form of a “Preacher Curl.” The higher you set the incline on your Total Gym, the more resistance there is.
Total Gym® is the ultimate workout machine utilizing an individual’s own bodyweight as resistance to perform more than 80 total-body functional exercises.
We all want our upper bodies to look beautiful and one way to achieve that is by incorporating some of the best chest exercises. We would like to thank Tiffany for showing us some of the best chest exercises that can be performed on Total Gym.

We hear so many different options but in this post John Peel introduces us to a fast and effective bicep workout that you can do at home using the Total Gym.
Begin by sitting sideways on the Total Gym and position your arm so it is completely straight out. Total Gym uniquely incorporates the use of multiple muscle groups together in all planes of movement, the most efficient way to exercise and see results. Total Gym, rooted in the physical therapy market since 1986, entered the consumer “home fitness” market in 1996 with the airing of its first television infomercial featuring long-time user Chuck Norris and co-host Christie Brinkley.

Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is Life Stylist Tiffany Savion who shows us some of the best chest exercises on The Total Gym.
Joining us today on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer John Peel who shows us a phenomenal bicep workout on the Total Gym to get our arms in shape for summer.

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