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Amy’s Animals is a canine and feline holistic health food store located in Sussex County, New Jersey. There’s nothing worse than bending down for doggie kisses and instead getting a faceful of stinky breath! Although there is no need, for any pet owners that want to re-check the antibody levels, instead of taking your pet for “booster” vaccinations you can take him for a re-check of the antibody levels periodically throughout your pet’s life.
If any cat parent wants to alleviate the problem of their cat constantly throwing up, the simple solution is to change the cat’s diet to, ideally, a raw food diet.  If there is a reason a raw food diet is not appropriate, a dehydrated (but rehydrated) or grain free canned food is the next best choice.  By feeding a diet that most closely resembles the food a cat has evolved to eat,  you will eliminate the problem of your cat “hacking up a hairball”! Testing can be done to rule out any possible medical reasons for the weight gain such as a thyroid condition. By taking the steps needed for your dog to lose the weight he needs to, you will be helping him to lead a healthier, much longer life!
Even though your dog’s itching can be caused by many different reasons, the first step to better health is to provide the dog with the best possible diet to promote healing.  When you feed your dog a species appropriate diet, you will be providing everything he needs to get healthy and remain that way for years to come. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and getting the distinct stench of your cat’s litter box. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s diet.  If your pet had been diagnosed with a medical condition and you don’t know what the best diet is for him.
All inclusive frozen raw meat diets make it very easy to feed your dog the best nutritionally packed meal as possible. Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, their nutritional needs have not changed at all.  Cats are obligate carnivores.
Meat for protein, bones for calcium, organs for fat, blood for micronutrients and 78-80% moisture content! Poor quality food, weather it is for humans or dogs, is all considered “fast food”.  Many people equate food with love. The use of probiotics, change of diet to a lower carbohydrate level, and vitamin supplementation will usually clear the excess yeast from the system and keep it from returning in the future.

One study has shown that just in the presence of food, alkaline is directly released into the urinary system of the cat. Better choices for treats include freeze dried meat or freeze dried fish.  By feeding a more species appropriate diet to your cat you will be assured that you will keep your cat happy & healthy for years to come! If you would like to finally know what you should really be doing for the health of your furry friend it is time to set up a consultation. For small dogs, grain free dehydrated or grain free canned foods are affordable and convenient. Your dog can’t shop for himself so he is relying on you to choose a diet that is going to keep him happy and healthy for years to come! Knowing now what the ideal diet for a cat really is, try to buy the closest to this diet that you can find.
A better alternative is a high protein, low carbohydrate, reduced fat diet.  They are available in kibbled, canned, dehydrated or frozen raw formulas.
The dog becomes conditioned to receive the treats and will harass the owner or stare at the area the treats are kept.  Fortunately, dogs can be conditioned into and out of anything. Even if your pet does not have a current medical condition, this consultation will help you make the best decisions for your pet to keep him as healthy as possible.
If they do not get adequate moisture in their food they will live out their lives partially dehydrated. Veterinary formulas that are prescribed for overweight dogs are usually low fat, high fiber formulas. Meat is much more expensive than grain, so a higher meat protein dog food will cost more than a poor quality grain based food. This eventually leads to the common health problems we see in cats such as urinary tract disease and kidney disease. Grain free dry food is the last alternative as it doesn’t contain enough moisture for the cat to thrive, but it is a better alternative than a carbohydrate based kibbled food.

They are not recommended for long term use because of the low quality of their ingredients. There is now a starch free kibble food available that would be the ideal choice if choosing a kibble. This lack of exercise for both humans and our furry companions plays a big part in the obesity problem. Even though most cat owners like to leave food out all day for their cats, this is not the best choice. The treats don’t have to be eliminated completely, but can be limited in quantity and changed to a treat that is better for the dog.
This would be the only source of carbohydrates the cat would be presented with.  A mouse in a can would be the ideal diet for a cat!
Carbohydrate based treats such as biscuits should be substituted with meat based treats or real meat.
Start with 10-15 minutes twice a day for an obese dog and add 5 minutes to each walk every other day.
These ingredients are very poor quality and very hard for the cats body to digest and process. This puts unnecessary strain on the organs of the cat which eventually will cause health problems.
Frozen vegetables such as green beans, peas or broccoli make great low calorie treats as well.
This alternative is excellent for the severely obese dog that has to lose weight quickly, such as in anticipation of surgery or for a dog that is unable to exercise due to arthritis or other orthopedic problems.

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