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As a VA registered dietitian, I work with Veterans every day to help them find ways to make smart food choices and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Regardless of the season, fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fresh fruit, fruit canned in its own juice, or frozen fruit with no added sugar are the best choices. Some of the Veterans I’ve worked with like to get their fruit and vegetable servings through snacks, which is easy and helps fill cravings between meals. One possibility is to make vegetable omelets for breakfast or add frozen blueberries to oatmeal, to easily include fruits and vegetables in the meal. You can learn more ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables and receive weight loss support through the MOVE program at your local VA. Three former Texas Rangers players visited with patients at the Dallas VA Medical Center on Thursday, the day after Veterans Day. As the high-fruit diet becomes more popular and mainstream, skeptics wonder if it is a form of an eating disorder. A high-fruit diet is one in which the bulk of daily calories comes from raw, whole sweet fruit. While it is possible to loose weight eating a high-fruit diet, it is also easy to maintain a healthy weight by being mindful of personal caloric needs. Some people think they would starve eating a high-fruit diet, however if you’ve ever seen a young women eat an entire watermelon for breakfast, you know that she does not go hungry! True, extreme starving by intaking fewer than 1,200 calories per day or binging on excess food and then purging could be done on a high-fruit diet as with any other kind of food. When it comes to food that is ready to eat in its natural form, beautiful to the eye, sweet to the tongue, and which supplies optimal fuel for the body, nothing beats fruit. Perhaps the true eating disorder is the unexamined diet, blindly eating from the selections offered by grocery stores and restaurants. Rarely does an educated fruitarian suffer from obesity, cancer, diabetes type 2, heart disease, cravings, addictions, or starvation. I find that during the warm months of summer the thought of eating fruits and vegetables can be very inviting.

This could be a piece of fresh fruit, a cup of raw vegetables – maybe with hummus or a light salad dressing, or canned fruit or a mixed fruit cup – these are both best in juice. Many of our fast food restaurants don’t offer vegetables or fruits beyond a garnish; so, for some of our Vets, this is a big change. There are a few ways to be involved with MOVE, including group classes, home monitoring (TeleHealth), individual appointments with a dietitian and telephone support programs. Fruit salads are generally the best, as it offers an array of flavors to the taste buds and would keep it interesting all the time. For example, members of VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) are helping Veterans and their dependents who struggle with homelessness.
As a recovered bulimic and advocate of the high-fruit lifestyle I will explain why this dietary approach gives little cause for alarm. Daily fruit intake is ideally followed by raw or steamed greens, vegetables, non-sweet fruit, and whole plant fat later in the day.
While it certainly does not conform to the status quo, eating a diet loaded with fruits is liberating.
When fruit is no longer a side-dish or topping but rather the entire meal, there is bountiful fruit to enjoy in one sitting. But because fruitarians limit their food choices in a world filled with thousands of packaged, processed, fast, junk, and complex cooked food choices, it doesn’t mean that they have eating disorders.
For anyone wishing to increase their energy and mental clarity, gently cleanse on a regular basis, and simplify their life, the high-fruit lifestyle is one to explore. Just because a food or food-like choice is made available for consumption, it doesn’t mean that it is a wise choice to eat.
Perhaps a high-fruit diet is actually a step in the healthier direction to cure the ills of mass society. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health & Healing, she enjoys helping others discover the benefits and liberation inherent in a whole food, plant-based diet.
A serving of fruit is a medium piece of fruit, ? cup of fresh, frozen or canned fruit, ? cup of 100 percent juice, or ? cup of dried fruit. To add a little more, you might have berries, peaches or tomatoes with cottage cheese, a banana with peanut butter, plain yogurt with berries or chopped fruit, or for a treat, a baked apple with cinnamon.

Something that you’ve previously disliked and counted out of your diet could become a great option. She is involved in the Health Disease Prevention and Promotion program, advocating for preventive methods to improve overall health and quality of life for Veterans. Whole, raw fruit supplies ample fructose and glucose to sweetly and purely fuel human cells…something all humans need. It is amazing to experience the shift that happens when simple, delicious fruits become wildly complex in their subtle flavors, textures, and smells. Haphazardly approaching a high-fruit lifestyle without some basic understanding can lead to intense hunger, binging, rapid weight loss, or blood sugar imbalances, but an educated individual can have life-long success as a fruitarian.
If we were to shop in nature among the orchards and gardens, fruit would be our prized and preferred selections for their ready-to-eat state, caloric benefit, and pure clean fuel. Mass marketed remedies include weight-loss diets that promote severe restrictions, purging with cleansing products or exercise, starvation, and generate obsessions with food.
Fruitarians rarely eat in secrecy, shame, or guilt whereby defying the core nature of a true eating disorder. But, sometimes, in the winter months, consuming fruits and vegetables can be less appealing and more of a struggle. Most often they exhibit their diet publicly, are proud of their choices, joyful, sharing, and aim to inspire others to adopt this path of healthful, sweet, and juicy happiness.
The purest form of fuel is natural fruit sugar, fructose and glucose, which convert easily and quickly to glycogen to power human cells. There are exotic fruits from all around the world to discover and plenty of frozen fruits to keep on hand.

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