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Successfully fit people are successful not because of good luck, birth order, or family heritage but because they have adopted the right habits.
The majority of fit people say they eat virtually the same meals every day, mostly the same breakfast, same lunch, same dinner, and when it comes to snacks and beverages . There are three possible reasons behind this shared habit among fitness professionals, individuals who have succeeded at taking off 100-plus pounds and keeping it off for years, and those who have been trim all their lives. This one common characteristic is nearly universal in statistical studies of people who have achieved and maintained a large weight loss. When you eat small, frequent meals long term, the body becomes efficient at keeping cortisol levels low, which helps both men and women reduce belly fat. Eating throughout the day also makes you less tempted by the monster-size buckets ofpopcorn and supersize fries and drink containers that include triple and quadruple servings. Successful fit people tend to eat mainly whole, unprocessed foods, including fruits, veggies, and whole grains (and products made from whole grains). This characteristic is truly universal among fit people: They know, generally speaking, every food's calories and approximate protein, carbohydrate, and fat content.
Despite knowing everything about their foods and tending to stick to the same foods day in and day out, fit people rarely report eliminating foods. If you look in a successfully fit person's fridge, pantry, or cupboards, you won't typically find cookies, crackers, chips, chocolate, full-fat ice cream, or soda. What's interesting about these trim types is that they don't have the same inner battle of healthy versus junkie foods that the average person who struggles with weight might have.

Successfully fit people find healthful alternatives to selections on any menu, from a five-star restaurant's to Wendy's. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
Second, perhaps the most fit among us are entrenched in habit, including the habit of taste. One theory suggests that eating a healthy breakfast reduces hunger throughout the rest of the day, therefore decreasing the likelihood of overeating and making poor food choices at lunch. Guided by their nutritional needs and deeply rooted habit to eat small meals throughout the day, the superfit stand steadfast, even in the face of a delicious, jumbo chocolate-chip muffin. You can show an effortlessly fit person a whole grain cracker, and even without looking at the label, he or she can accurately predict how many crackers count as one serving. They know that it's the food choices, not necessarily the restaurant choices, that help them to stay slim and healthy. Third, effortlessly fit folks are in tune with the energy and calorie needs of their bodies.
Research has consistently shown that the people who successfully lose weight are the ones that wake up and eat!
There are even apps for your phone and Web sites that provide this information quickly and for free.

They also speak up in restaurants, politely making special requests like asking that their dish be prepared with little or no butter or sauces and with dressings on the side. Here, excerpted from Push by Chalene Johnson, the 10 eating habits of successfully fit people. Furthermore, people who eat breakfast regularly have better vitamin and mineral status and eat fewer calories from fat.
To clarify, they did not suggest that they eat exactly the same entree for every meal, but they often chose from three, maybe four things that they like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Drinking enough water is a vital part of any conditioning program because it keeps your body functioning in homeostasis and aids every aspect of bodily function. It may take a little effort, but going to bed earlier and going to sleep without food awaiting digestion in your stomach keeps your body’s metabolism in a fat-burning state. Highly successful fit people drink at least six to eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day, plus more as needed during exercise.

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