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Marie ClaireIf you're already taking monophasic Pills (which are all the same except for during your period week), you can build a do-it-yourself Lybrel by just skipping the placebos. NO-ACNE PILLSWHAT THEY ARE: All contraceptives that contain both estrogen and progestin increase the amount of a molecule called sex-hormone-binding globulin, which acts like a sponge that mops up free testosterone.
NO-BLOAT PILLSWHAT THEY ARE: Yaz and Yasmin use a new kind of progestin called drospirenone. PMS-BE-GONE PILLS WHAT THEY ARE: Yaz is the only oral contraceptive allowed to state on the label that it's approved for the prevention of premenstrual mood disturbances such as irritability, moodiness, bloating, fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches. PILLS FOR SHORTER PERIODSWHAT THEY ARE: All Pill packs used to contain 21 "active" Pills and seven placebos. PILLS FOR ESTROGEN-PHOBESWHAT THEY ARE: They're not new, but women don't always know about Pills (including Ortho Micronor, Ovrette, and Errin) that contain no estrogen, only progestin.
Whether or not birth control causes weight gain is a topic of gigantic controversy in the health literature. The means by which weight gain happens, I believe, are multi-fold, and I’ll go through all of them below. Back when the birth control pill was first invented in the 1960s, there was nearly 1000 times as much progesterone and estrogen in the pills as there are now. Finally, as I stated before, even though most women think birth control causes weight gain, statistically, it doesn’t really seem to.
Estrogen appears to boost all of of these things, in both rodents and humans. Rats that have had their ovaries removed, for example, spontaneously eat more and gain weight. For the record, testosterone increases appetite, too – which is relevant for women who have PCOS or elevated testosterone levels.
Formulations of the pill that have high quantities of estrogen and progesterone or that are especially high in estrogen may cause water retention.
Research suggests that older varieties of the pill that used more androgenic progestins caused the greatest weight gain. The three least androgenic forms of progestin and the ones you may want to keep an eye out for if weight gain is a problem are norgestimate, desogestrel, and drospirenone. In the majority of women, the birth control pill does not cause weight gain, especially if she is on the pill for more than three months.
The Myth of Female Sexual ComplexityNov 12, 20158 Comments1230 ViewsToday is a day for ranting. Generics are less expensive, so if a generic version of your Pill exists, odds are that’s what the pharmacist will hand you.
Unlike combination estrogen-progestin Pills, they don't suppress ovulation — these just thicken the cervical mucus so it's difficult for sperm to unite with an egg.

More than 50 percent of women think that it does, and up to 20 percent change their pill or go off of the pill because of this belief (here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.). First, a quick primer on birth control will get us set up to understand how it all fits together. There may be an initial period of weight gain, but after three months of use the symptoms lessen.
Meta-analyses of dozens of investigations have concluded that hormonal birth control does not significantly affect body weight or composition, at least not without statistical significance (here). Moreover, certain formulations of birth control may be more antagonistic to maintaining a healthy weight than others.
Elevated sodium causes water weight, because the body balances the extra sodium with extra water. Newer formulations with less androgenic progestins may cause less weight gain according to several studies, such as here, here, here,here and here. However, studies are conducted on hundreds if not thousands or tens of thousands of women at a time, so even if the average experience is to maintain a steady weight, there will be women who are not average and who do not maintain a steady weight. When you're on other Pills, the lining of the uterus remains thin (that's why Pill periods are so light). Currently, only Yaz, Estrostep, and Ortho Tri-Cyclen have received FDA approval for acne claims (because they're the only ones that have submitted the clinical studies needed for FDA approval). That may mean shorter, lighter periods.These Pills may be more effective at preventing pregnancy for women who forget to take their Pills on time. They can cause breakthrough bleeding, especially if they're not taken at the same time each day.These Pills, often called "mini pills," are best for nursing moms (estrogen impairs milk flow) and for people who shouldn't take estrogen, such as those with high blood pressure, a risk of blood clots and strokes, or extreme migraines, or those over age 35 who smoke or are obese.
Most studies indicate there isn’t much of a statistical effect on weight maintenance in the long term at all. Back then, all of the side effects including weight gain were much more severe and much more common, simply because the amount of hormones were that much higher. For example, in one study, Depo-Provera users gained ten pounds on average over the course of 18 months.
Minimizing testosterone levels by minimizing stress and overcoming insulin resistance is a great way to help lose weight and regulate food cravings. Another is that these specific progestins are better at mitigating the risks of estrogen-containing pills than other progestins.
Androgenic pills may cause the most weight gain, and water weight and appetite can also come into play. Fortunately, I am one of the few researchers interested in them, and from a paleo perspective!

All signs point to the fact that many women who take it, gain weight for some reason or another. But it's likely other combination Pills will reduce it, tooTHE DOWNSIDE: It's theoretically possible that lower levels of free testosterone may result in lower libido. Some of them have estrogen added into the mix because some women need it in order to achieve the best possible hormone balance. In order to best navigate these options and minimize the side effects you experience on the pill, aside from purchasing my book on the topic, continue reading on this topic in the next installment, How to go on birth control without gaining weight. Get off or try a new version of the pill… consider lowering the dose, and especially of progesterone, since hat is oftne hte most insidious for weight gain.
These options are most popular in pill form, but can they also be found in the form of a patch, an injection, an implant, a vaginal insert, or an IUD.
Better balance appears to decrease the risk for vascular thromboembolism and stroke – which is why androgenic progestins are the progestin of choice in most countries.
And many women feel a greater sex drive on any Pill since they're no longer worried about getting pregnant. But having only four hormone-free days prevents that.These Pills may also lower your risk of headaches and PMDD. I go for walks with my dogs, am eating healthier (for the most part) than I used to and occasionally do some at home workout videos. Brands like Seasonale (on which you get four periods a year) and Lybrel (no periods at all) are designed to be taken continuously, but you can also use any regular Pill to skip periods; just toss the placebo pills and start a new pack as soon as your current one runs out. I have considered going off the pill for 3 – 4 months and abstaining just to try to lose some of the weight. And to be a better rememberer, set a reminder on your phone, or download the Pillboxie or myPill Birth Control Reminder app. The Pill was designed to give you one so it would gain approval from the public and from religious leaders — and to reassure women that they weren't pregnant.
But Minkin notes that doctors have been prescribing constant-use birth-control pills "off label" for decades, with no known ill effects.

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