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Now with the modern technology there are so many ways to approach and overcome a certain disease or illness. During pregnancy, intake of healthy foods is of crucial importance for a safe delivery and healthy baby.
While there are so many reasons to include these nutritional powerhouses into your daily diet, (starting with the idea that they’re so accessible and portable), here are a few other reasons worth mentioning.
The rise in obesity is at an all time high and it’s largely the result of being overfed and undernourished coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.
These healthy foods contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that help protect you from chronic diseases, which can be painful, debilitating and even fatal in some cases. The fiber coming from many fruits and vegetables helps to fill us up without the filling us out.
Eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet can be part of an alternative and complementary treatment against symptoms, illness, conditions and even disease.
Nothing gives you lasting energy more than a healthy diet along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to being a highly credentialed and awarded health expert, Debi recently privately labeled her own line of deliciously healthy Mojo Fuel Bars™, she is a featured expert on almost 20 websites, a popular radio guest, is quoted regularly online and in print, has been featured as a self improvement expert in four books, and has contributed articles and insight to well-regarded publications like Shape, Self, Working Mother, Psychology Today, WebMD, Yahoo Shine, Ladies Home Journal, and Glamour. The Mojo Coach®, a working mom with four kids (and five dogs!) is THE power behind some of the healthiest, most influential, charismatic, and successful professionals today. Fruits and vegetables have been shown to help protect against heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, eye disease and more. Empty calories coming from refined carbohydrates increase our appetite and desire for foods high in sugar.
Imagine the benefits of treatment coming from the vital nutrients within certain fruits and vegetables without the harsh and painful side effects of certain medications! With lasting energy, everything you do and set out to achieve can be done in a bigger, better and bolder way!
She is a master at showing clients how to create a lean, fit body, radiant health, soaring confidence, endless energy, rewarding relationships, a dynamic image, charismatic style, and an optimistic outlook. These foods do little to fuel and support us while causing us to gain weight at rapid speed.

Adding bulk to our plate in the form of a salad, cooked vegetables and more gives us the satisfaction of having more and feeling satisfied without the downside of eating too much of foods that don’t provide us with the nutrients we need.
For many of us, these cravings are so strong we can feel powerless as we spend years, often decades struggling with binge, emotional and disordered eating. A weakened immune system increases the incidence of virus and bacterial invasion, issues such as skin disorders, delayed wound healing, upper respiratory infections, aging and chronic illness. This cycle is not only harmful to our health and our waistlines, but is damaging to our mental and emotional health as well.
Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is an important key to help boost immune health.

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