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Traditionally salads were known to be prepared of only raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and onion which are cut into slices and sprinkled with a pinch of salt and lemon. But, let me first tell you the importance of having salads which will definitely lead you to start having salads with your meals.
Eating a little good fat (like the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, avocado and nuts) with your vegetables in salads appears to help your body absorb protective phyto-chemicals  (known to protect against cancer and heart disease), like lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from dark green vegetables. Best way to skip croutons (deep fried pieces of wheat bread) which are few in nutrients and have a high glycemic load is to replace them by nuts and seeds and maintain the crunchiness in the salad.
Regarding how frequently you should eat, if your salads are off those unhealthy sauces, GO AHEAD and grab them everyday. You can also be very creative in making your salad colorful, tasty, crunchy, balanced, appealing to eat and obviously healthy.

Not a joke, it’s true because salads are low in calories, high in fiber and rich in other nutrients. The more flavorful your salad is naturally, the fewer high calorie ingredients you will need to add for taste like extra cheese and cream. Salads that offer the most nutrition for the money are made with fresh, unprocessed vegetables.Vegetable SaladEating salad every day is giving us many health benefits. The more colors put into the bowl, the more the salad can keep you looking and feeling young, and set a bounce in your step for that rest of the day.Many people think of salads as diet food. Some ingredients can make your salads less healthy and really should be limited or avoided.Weight LossFilling up on fresh, low-calorie vegetables in salad can prevent you against eating higher-calorie foods instead.
Leafy greens make the perfect platform for ingredients that turn a salad right into a rich source of protein.

FiberDietary fiber from vegetables helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease.
Vegetable salads often contain such fiber-rich foods as carrots, spinach and peppers.Reduces the quantity of caloriesBy eating regular salad you eliminate high calorie intake which results is weight control and eliminate problems like obesity and weight gain. While there is no definitive answer yet on whether antioxidants can prevent cancer or other diseases.Benefits of Eating Vegetable SaladConsiderationsIf you load your salads with lots of meat, cheese, dressing or other high-calorie, high-fat items, they will not be as healthy. Easy Smoothie Recipes Will Help You Save Time And Feel Great Top 6 Best Oils to Darken Your Hair Without Dye Facebook Twitter © 2015 Organicx Benefits.

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