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The same study showed that people who ate breakfast daily had a lower risk for obesity and were less likely to pack on belly fat. According to a study published in Public Health and Nutrition, children who ate breakfast had sharper learning skills than those who started the day on an empty stomach. Eating a bagel made with white flour and cream cheese and jelly on top doesn’t have the same benefits as a more balanced breakfast that contains protein and fiber. Keep some emergency breakfast foods on hand you can grab on those days where your alarm doesn’t go off or you ignored it and drifted back to sleep. Eating healthy breakfasts are pretty important and necessary as you get all necessary nutrients from breakfast and get energy for the whole day. In fact, obesity rates were 43% lower in breakfast eaters compared to those who skipped and they were 40% less likely to gain significant amounts of belly fat.

Packages of portion-controlled nuts, containers of yogurt, whole grain crackers with almond butter will all work as a take-along breakfast when you’re pressed for time. Eating a healthy one will help you ward off diabetes while keeping you trimmer and more productive at work. Breakfast is the meal people are most likely to skip, especially on weekdays when time is a premium. There are a lot of well documented health benefits of flax seed, you just need to put it through a grinder first.
Eating breakfast is one way to lower your risk, according to a recent study presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting.
It could simply be that people who eat breakfast have healthier eating habits than those who don’t, but eating breakfast also helps with appetite control so you’re less likely to dip your hand into the candy jar at work when you’ve had a good breakfast.

After an overnight fast, your brain needs fuel and a healthy breakfast provides the fuel your brain needs. There are health benefits to starting the day with a nutritious breakfast that contains protein and a source of fiber-rich carbs. When researchers from the University of Minnesota followed 5,000 men and women for 18 years, they found those who ate breakfast every day were 34% less likely to get this disease that takes its toll on every organ in the body. As for adding a scoop of protein to yogurt there is nothing wrong with doing this and likewise there is nothing wrong with eating yogurt plain.

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