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The bee pollen forum is where we discuss things like recommended doses, tips on how to take pollen, tasty smoothie recipes and my favorite, your experiences using this superfood for better health.
My passion is helping people achieve perfect health using the amazing products of the hive such as bee pollen!
My younger son was diagnosed with allergic asthma and has been taking a preventer (puffs) twice a day, everyday. Dog ate my bee pollen My dog just ate my bee pollen capsules and there were about 50 tablets left!
Changing the Consistency of Bee Pollen I read that bee pollen should never be ground, blended, or changed in any way from its original state. Bee pollen for weight loss I had my doubts at first with all the cravings about Bee Pollen but now I must say I am a true believer.
Heart Health and Bee Pollen I was once diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, abnormal heart beat, But I had the condition corected in hospital. I have recently started taking Bee Pollen and ran into a problem, it gave me a severe DIERRHEA. Not seeing results on ZXT Gold bee pollen capsules I've been taking ZXT Gold bee pollen pills for a month now and have seen little to no results. I just want to say that your bee pollen are really effective for alleviating migraine headaches! Used bee pollen for first time, feel wierd Hi, my BF and I used only 3 grains and we both woke up and reported feeling jittery and anxious. Bee pollen and royal jelly for weight loss Hello i ran into this pill the other day called zi xiu tang bee pollen and i was wondering if you can help me determine if this pill is legit. Interactions with cholesterol and high blood pressure meds My husband and I went to our local Farmers Market today and bought Bee Pollen granuales. Taking Allergy Medication along with Bee Pollen Just recently I started to suffer from allergies which have caused numerous throat and sinus infections. Bee Pollen--allergies, sex drive and weight I started taking Bee Pollen about 2 months ago for my allergies.
Allergic reaction to bee pollen & symptoms I started taking bee pollen and got a serious allergic reaction. ROYAL JELLY FOR TREATING TN( TRIGEMINAL NURALGIA) I have been a BEEPOLLENIAN for the last three years and I got excellent results for my BPH and URETHRAL STRICTURES.

Longevity of bee pollen capsules I found an unopened bottle of capsules and wonder just how long the shelf life would be as I believe they may be over 10 years. I have been taking bee pollen each morning in my porridge for 2 weeks, I am currently take half teaspoon and will increase gradually. Bee pollen effectiveness for allergies I've been using bee pollen for a couple years now for my allergies, and it has worked amazingly!! Dry skin and propolis I have very dry skin and have been using your moisturizers but wondered if raw propolis might be of some help as well.
1 Year Old Ate a Bee Pollen Capsule My 1 yr old ate a capsule and hasn't slept for 2 days - what can i do for him he is in so much pain!!!
Super Premium Bee Pollen and allergy results! I have been buying and using your Premium Bee Pollen for over a year now and without a doubt it works.
Bee pollen for competitive athletes Hi, I have a daughter who will be 13 years old this Friday, She swims on a competitive swim team that swims 5 to 6 times a week.
Bee pollen and birth control I have been doing some research and I have read many mixed reviews.
Bee pollen for eye health Almost 2 years of using Bee Pollen, I had my eyes tested yesterday and my Dr. Dosage size of our pills Something I have noticed since I started ordering from from Bee Buzz is the dosage size of the pills.
Hashimotos thyroiditis and ZXT Slim I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and can't lose weight is it safe to take this pill with hashimotos I'm also on synthroid.
I bought a jar of Bee pollen a few months ago & have been storing it in a cool, dark cabinet. Drinking ice tea while dieting with bee pollen Im only on my second day with bee pollen and i cant give up my ice tea habits for water.
Is taking bee pollen (especially zxt) a safe way to improve weight loss I've been researching bee pollen a lot lately.
Hep C and Bee Pollen I have Hep C and have been eating bee pollen here in Thailand, to curb my sweet tooth at night, and love it. Reached a plateau on ZXT I have been taken zxt gold since october, and I really like it I have lost about 18 pounds. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.

So if your health or the health of someone you know has been vastly improved by Bee Pollen, please tell us about it! Which one is better and more effective OR are both equally …Click here to write your own.
I've been using dried bee pollen, that I have had stored in my refrigerator for a few years. I read where you should not eat fresh bee pollen from America because it might contain factory pollution. So, if you get that the number of your cholesterol level, doing Bee Pollen diet is suggested. Besides really working for reducing cholesterol rate, this product is perfect for people who intend to cut out their weights.
You can download and obtain the bee pollen side effects high blood pressure images by click the download button below to get multiple high-resversions. Bee pollen is the pollen that bees collect from flowers; it is the food that nourishes bee larvae.
Other benefits you can get by doing the diet is lowering blood pressure for people who get high blood pressure, increasing immune system, suppressing appetite, cleansing the body, and also enhancing skin beauty. You can acquire bee pollen side effects high blood pressure and see the Bee Pollen Diet to Lower Your Cholesterol Level in here. It corrects any chemical imbalances in that metabolism which have also caused people to gain weight.
Here is some information about Bee Pollen Diet pills which are useful to reduce your cholesterol level.
FDA is also investigating other bee pollen weight loss products suspected to contain hidden drugs.
Consumers can also check FDA’s website for a list of products previously tested and found to contain undeclared drug ingredients.

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