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The basis is to recognize that all of the strain and stress in your eyes is not solely related to your eyes, but the stress that you are carrying around in your body, particularly in your face, which relates heavily to your brain as well. Close your eyes gently and look into the sun absorbing the light (also while relaxing the muscles).
And if there’s no more strain, then your brain, eyes, and facial muscles can all function with ease and clarity. This video is a stunning display of your ignorance of the anatomy and function the human eye.
I believe that a almost all western medicine is designed around keeping the public just alive enough to keep paying for treatments and pharmaceuticals but with the exception of this comment I don’t go round tearing into doctors and forcing my opinions onto them and the public. Open up your mind and you will see nothing (at least at this stage of human intelligence) is 100%, nothing is absolute and the only constant is change. I hope a cool wave of calm rushes over you and you have a great day and a new perspective for the possibility of everything we’ve been taught to be completely wrong. You had good eyes and you were lucky that you’re one of the many people who have decent eyesight until they grow older, this method had nothing to do with it, and quitting it had nothing to do with the decrease in visual acuity either.
First they tell you about the problem in a Video without a progress bar, so you can’t skip forward. But I am open minded and still enjoy reading your articles and watch all your movies, because I hope you will prove me wrong. Across the UK the hunt is on for James Foley’s killer, who authorities believe is a British national. Just because your eyesight is fine and your eyes look great, it doesn’t mean that your eyes are healthy. As far as ranking fruits and veggies for good eyes is concerned, carrots are the very first produce that comes to mind, however, there are other foods you can add to your diet to support healthy vision. Test your glasses or contact lens prescription and ensure that it is up-to-date and adequate for computer use. When you are using computer for long hours put on your glasses to help with contrast, glare and eye strain.
Choose a chair that is comfortable and supportive for you; position it in such a way that your feet are flat on the floor. Several years ago I began feeling as though I wanted my eyes to be better, and I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on laser surgery.

Beginning by realizing the stress in your face – and relaxing the muscles around your eyes is the first step of this, and understand that healing is a process which can take some time, especially if your external environment is a particularly stressful one. This can facilitate a calm, warming soothing feeling across your whole face and even the rest of your body, and can greatly help relax.
For example, as I wrote earlier when I wake up in the morning I like to go outside and just close my eyes gently and stare into the sun. I like what you are doing and I would love to believe everything you say, but sadly I can’t because you are started to contradict yourself and started being like a lot of other people in the internet.
Take more time to research and test everything yourself, then record everything you have done and show people that everything they are reading is not just made up but tested carefully and can be used.
Of course it does help to not squint and stuff too, but I healed my eyes with just purely BELIEVING that my eyes could see perfectly and by sending healing light to them. Relaxing the eyes is definitely needed given the amount of strain we put our eyes through in our current lifestyle.
Unlike any other part of your body, even your eyes require certain nutrients to function properly. Adjust the settings of your computer according to your bearability and use an anti-glare screen if needed. So I began practicing healing my eyes with will alone, and some various ingredients that I had picked up along the way. I know this is true, because I try to make some sort of effort to think positively of good vision everyday. If you start looking around, you will find videos, webpages and people like you for almost all problem people have. In the Video the tell you how much they would love to help you get rid of your problem and then tell you a bit about conspiracy or just other people, which want to stop him from doing so. I’m half way to perfect vision, and my optician gets shocked every time I come as it keeps getting better and better, which he has never seen before my eyes are changing colour too, which I’m finding massively fascinating to observe!
Metaphysical reasons for eye issues is the negative emotions relating to what is seen or perceived.
THe rule on how to do it is doing it within an hour after sunrise and within 1 hour before sunset where UV rays are very low.
I had a second surgery to remove the silicon oil and a third surgery to remove the cataract that formed soon after that.

He prescribed exercises instead, similar to the Bates Method.This worked for about 16 years and then I got lazy and stopped doing them. It finally stabilized to where the doctors felt comfortable to leave it alone and nothing more was done to it for about 7 years, but I still could not see out of that eye (just motion was obvious to it – sometimes). Tell them about the present and look for the people who make the same conclusion as you and work with them.
While some eye conditions are genetic, some are the outcome of damage caused by infections or diseases and some are due to accidents or prolonged UV exposure. When I was 20 years old my retina detached in my right eye and I was completely blind for a good month or so before I could have the surgery it so needed. My current technique for self eye healing is using my personal mantra (those that have this know what I'm talking about) while lucid in daydreams. Irrespective of the disorder, it is a must to take healthy nutrients that will help in healthy eyes and vision. Once you are lucid in your thought, keep your eyes focused wherever they've shifted for that daydream or thought. But, despite all the hardships my eyes have endured, they steadily keep improving, though very slowly as the eyes is not a quick healer. Most of the time it will seem like it's in the back of your head but it is in fact in your eye. Don’t wait for other people to give you evidence, try it and see if it works for you. It will typically tear out our eye (rub your eyelid to squeeze it out once it's pooled) or it will go down the back of your neck to your heart (emotional thought does this). This will slowly heal your vision, as if this lodged thought matter is filtering your vision.
This is also necessary for some enlightened people to vaccinate themselves from desire in order to reach higher states of enlightenment.

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