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The Arbonne weight loss system may be an effective approach for losing fat in some cases, but consumers must make some considerations in order to determine if the strategy is right for them. Arbonne is an MLM business that was founded in 1975 in Switzerland by Petter Morck and his associates, an assembly of biochemists, herbal specialists and biologists. Skin care products are among the most popular products but other health and beauty items are available through the company.
The focus of the program is a healthy lifestyle infused with the complete line of weight reduction products offered by the company.
Arbonne uses a combination of products and tools to help consumers achieve their weight reduction goals.

The language used to describe the effectiveness for each of the topical products suggests that the overall appearance improves.
Arbonne uses independent consultants to sell their products rather than housing the items in stores.
The company's website offers herbal weight loss supplements, online tools, the Figure 8 Challenge and topical treatments to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The products are supposed to suppress the appetite and increase energy levels while providing nutritional supplements in the process.
The Arbonne weight loss program appears to promote healthy habits and exercise, relying on the diligent efforts of the consumer.

Protein shakes, fiber drinks and detoxifying teas are staples for many weight reduction approaches. The Food and Drug Administration does not support any of the claims the company makes about their products or their effectiveness.

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