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Unfortunately, most football players never see past hypertrophy training (similar to bodybuilding). Here's the legal bit - please read this disclaimer before starting any football strength training program.
The volume of work in a hypertrophy phase tends to be higher than in any other phase of football strength training. Split Your Football Training Program Into 3 PhasesA football training program lasts 12 months - even if the competitive in-season only spans from September to December. For the more ambitious players, this system of periodization is the ONLY way you can incorporate all the necessary elements of training without overtraining. Strength & Power ConditioningDuring the transition period (see below) it's sensible to layoff strength training all together, at least for a few weeks. You should also consider a functional strength program designed to correct any imbalances that occur as a result of a strenuous football training program.
This functional strength program will likely spill into very early pre-season and it's designed to prepare your body for subsequently more demanding sessions.
Football players are one of the few groups of athletes that can benefit from a hypertrophy program.
As such hypertrophy training in football should make up only a portion of the strength training program. Speed & Agility TrainingIn the early pre-season speed and agility work is optional and should be low in intesnity.

Some light aerobic training may feature but more as a form of active recovery than intense endurance sessions.
As the pre-season progresses more emphasis can be placed on speed and agility and intense interval training. In-Season Phase of Football TrainingCompared to the substantial pre-season preparation phase this should be a walk in the park!
Transition Phase of Football TrainingThe transition phase is as important as any other in the 12 month football training program. Too much intense interval training alongside strenuous hypertrophy training can leave you physically exhausted.
Fri 11.35am For those dedicated runners out there who have been following the training program brought to you by Actin Fitness and The Newsport, here is your schedule for Week 5.
Fri 9.46am It has been another big week in Cairns junior AFL with the Crocs' Under 10 team putting in their best game of the year. Fri 8.40am It's more of the same as we come to the end of the first month of training for the Solar Eclipse Marathon. Mon 2.10pm Rumours are circulating that Richmond Football Club and one other AFL team will follow Collingwood's lead and head to Port Douglas. Fri 8.07am Understanding the process of training for an endurance event is very important - endurance training is different to other forms of training. Next Aurrichio will jump into an ice pool and suck down a protein shake, before heading off to footy training in the evening.

After all, it's why he's here - to give himself the best shot at an international rookie spot in the AFL, a sport he's only known about for less than a year. He has already tried the traditional route to the AFL by testing at the USAFL Combine in Los Angeles last April, where he impressed scouts with his agility, strength and ball-handling. He went along to training, learnt to kick and handball by watching his teammates and played in the ruck as the Pies won the national championship. That was in November and although the 24-year-old is yet to be offered a chance by an AFL club, his belief hasn't been shaken. The teenagers have combined their studies with their elite sports training in a new program designed to prepare them for a big year of TAC Cup football and their off-field careers if an AFL opportunity doesn't eventuate. That means he could no longer be recruited as a category B rookie and he would have to fight for a spot on an AFL club's main list the same as every other footballer in the country. It's a difficult situation, especially since some AFL clubs have told him they can't make a commitment without seeing him play.

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