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Adding anaerobic training to your regimen will increase speed and power while keeping you healthy.
If anaerobic glycolysis is reclassified as incomplete aerobic glycolysis, as it should be, then virtually the only truly anaerobic metabolism that occurs in the muscles is the breakdown of high-energy phosphates.
It may seem strange that anaerobic training enhances distance-running performance when there is virtually no anaerobic component to actual distance racing, but it’s true. In short, for runners the point of performing types of training that involve anaerobic metabolism is not to developing anaerobic metabolic capacity but rather to increase the speed and power characteristics of the muscle fibers. Therefore, true anaerobic efforts deserve a bigger place in your training than they have in your races. The art of training without succumbing to injury and maximizing your performance on any given training load is largely dependent on how quickly you can recognize and respond to how your body is responding to the training strategy, program and stimulus.
Firstly, you need to decide if the training program you have elected to follow is based on the right philosophy and built on a sound structure that finds a good balance between training stimulus, recovery and maintenance work.
Distance running training programs are traditionally based around general development of aerobic fitness combined with specific training to enhance your ability to run faster and with greater running economy. One of the problems that many runners and coaches face when developing or following a training program is trying to fit the development of different physiological attributes into too short a training cycle. Some training structures might demand three different but hard training sessions and one longer run per week.
My personal view is that two harder runs and one easy paced long run are about as much as most runners can handle.
Alternatively, if you organize your training around a fortnight you can still vary the training stimulus and focus on different attributes of fitness.
The main and most simple reason is that your body doesn’t easily give up hard won gains, so easing off for a day, week or even a fortnight isn’t going to mean you lose much, if any fitness. So swapping a planned 8 by 400m speed endurance session for a 40 minute easy jog to soothe aching legs is a smart call if that decision avoids an injury. Another easy adjustment to make if you need to spend a week jogging to recovery from a niggle is to repeat the planned week of training that you have missed. I read a great anecdote about a Kenyan runner who doesn’t go running when it rains, this might sound like a lack of commitment to training, but it probably doesn’t rain too often in Kenya.

It’s not their fault, though, because even many exercise physiologists harbor an outdated understanding of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. But what all too many of these professionals don’t know is that most of what is classified as anaerobic metabolism is actually just incomplete aerobic metabolism.
The average runner thinks of factors such as VO2max, fat-burning capacity and running economy as being the keys to running performance and tends to forget about pure speed. The primary reason appears to be that anaerobic training increases the bounciness of the stride, so that the feet come off the ground faster and more forcefully. There are three specific types of anaerobic training that you should be sure to include in your training regimen: sprints, plyometrics and weightlifting. But an exceptional coach and smart athlete will also know that sticking to a program of work dogmatically, without consideration of changes in the environment or your response to the training stimulus is a recipe for disaster.
Mindless adherence to a training program is one of the biggest mistakes many runners and even some running coaches make.
So yes you follow the training philosophy and structure but not necessarily the detail of every planned training run. There are a number of techniques you can use to complement this foundation aerobic running: faster running, hills, strength work, tempo or threshold training. Our society is built around weeks and months, but running doesn’t necessarily allow you to be quite so calendar oriented in your training approach. This allows little time for recovery and increases your chance of injury or just plain burn-out.
I am preparing for my first marathon and have been studiously looking through many training plans but none really suit. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start with training and it is always great to hear tired and tested methods that really do work.
For casual runners like myself its very easy to find a plan online and think you must follow it exactly since it was created by an expert.
Often I hear athletes talk about “going anaerobic” when their running intensity exceeds the anaerobic or lactate threshold, which is a moderately high but not extremely high intensity—one that most fit individuals can sustain for a full hour. Recent research has shown that roughly 75 percent of the lactate that is produced through the anaerobic breakdown of glucose is further broken down aerobically within the muscles cells to release energy.

But if you set aside your prejudices and look at the speed of world-class distance runners, you will see that pure speed is at least as important as the other performance keys. Studies by the same group have demonstrated that explosive power training effectively improves distance-running performance. This improves running economy, because half of the energy that propels forward motion during running is supplied not by the body but by the force of impact, and the less time the feet are in contact with the ground, the less of that free energy is lost. The training program is just a plan; it’s not necessary or advisable to follow it to the letter. All of these require at least a six week period of base building easy aerobic running to build fitness and prepare your body for the rigors of this intense training and racing. The reality of preparing for a running goal race of any substance is that these adjustments will be frequent and necessary to keep you on the road and injury free. And while you might have an attack of self loathing for missing or modifying a training session, the reality is that those with the smarts to back off the gas as required are the ones you’ll be chasing on race day as you nurse a battered and almost broken body to the start line. Sometimes forcing yourself on these days can be counterproductive and reduce your enjoyment of running, so if the need arises – take a Kenyan day off. This expression—“going anaerobic”—reflects an incorrect belief that the working muscles get their energy either entirely aerobically or entirely anaerobically, whereas in fact they almost always get their energy from both systems simultaneously, with the balance shifting gradually from aerobic toward anaerobic as exercise intensity increases. The rest is shuttled to other organs and tissues, where it is either broken down aerobically to supply energy or converted back into glucose for future aerobic breakdown. You must also be in an adaptive (recovered and healthy) state to be able to perform the prescribed training session and absorb its benefits. As part of my reading I read a really good quote “Principles, not formulas, are the keys to successful training”. If you were to run as far as you could in two minutes (in other words, as hard as you could for two minutes), your muscles would get about half of their energy aerobically during that effort.

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