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WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program, chosen by parents as an alternative to Boot Camps For Teens in Allen, TX. What many parents don't know is that "Boot Camps" began years ago as "shock incarceration" facilities for adults, designed for "first-time" offenders.
It is crucial for all parents who are considering a boot camp for their child, to examine other viable options for rehabilitation. Out of sheer desperation, some parents will turn to teen boot camps in an attempt to protect their teen from incarceration or even the possibility of death.
In "military training camp" fashion, teen boot camps are created to teach both structure and discipline to "wayward" young people.
The peaceful environment of the outdoors enables the students to gain more quickly an insight into their previous, unhealthy behaviors, allowing them to make proper and adequate changes. In the past, a few private boot camps and military academies have offered "scholarship" or "grant" programs for families in need of financial assistance.

We know that troubled teens can become healthy, independent adults, and can develop as strong people motivated for success. However, before sending a teenager to a boot camp facility, one should do their homework on boot camps vs. These nurturing, yet challenging conditions, allows our students to gain perspective, grow up, and achieve an improved level of maturity all while addressing behavioral obstacles and issues.
However, there are state-funded boot camps that can be utilized only if your teen has been or is in the state juvenile system.
The boot camp staffers are not licensed nor are they trained to administer guidance for the "emotional issues" and "psychological disorders" that are normally at the root of all behavioral problems in adolescents.
Over the years, we have served thousands of boys and girls from Allen, TX and from all over the country. In the end, experts agreed that boot camps using military-style discipline, not only didn't work, but often made problems worse.

The objective of boot camp staffers is to "challenge the camper" with the "hope" of instilling confidence and self-reliance.
Although state-funded boot camps may be the only financially viable option for some families, this option causes serious drawbacks worth considering. You should know that there have been numerous incidents of death among the "less than adequate" boot camps. The tragic combination of corporal punishment administered by poorly trained staff, sadly, has led to the deaths of several teens while attending a boot camp.

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