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We have consulted with several experts to provide you the information you need to make a well-informed decision about personal trainers.
As long as you are thorough in your evaluation process, your personal trainer WILL deliver results.
One study found that a 12-week supervised resistance training program led to 56% more body mass gains compared to an unsupervised program.
Another study found that weekly training sessions were associated with long-term positive changes in attitude and healthy behavior. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program focused on high intensity functional movements.
The last alternative would be to design and adhere to your own workout program, although this approach has a statistically higher level of failure. Payment structure. The payment you make is split between the trainer, the gym, and sometimes the sales person.
Privacy. In most cases, these facilities are used exclusively by personal trainers and their clients.
Fit Lincoln Park provides personal training, group fitness, nutrition counseling, and body composition assessments in a state-of-the-art two-story facility. Hustle Fitness provides a broad menu of individual training methods depending on the client’s goal, including density training, heart rate monitor training, and power training. Phenomenal Fitness has a non-machine movement focus, meaning most workouts utilize battle ropes, kettlebells, suspension training, and other innovative exercises.

USI provides a comprehensive approach to fitness that includes customized personal training, body fat assessments, and nutritional guidance.
Although many facilities in this category also offer personal training, they excel at group fitness.
CoreFitness provides 60-minute group training sessions that emphasize core stability, functional strength, and postural balance. CrossTown provides group training sessions that are an equal part cardiovascular exercise and strength training. RetroActive is run by a team of combat athletes that specialize in boxing and muay thai training. Home training generally requires you to find a trainer on your own, although there are two great resources to do this. RightFit Chicago maintains a comprehensive database of personal trainers that are sortable by price, specialty, and other criteria.
IDEA Health and Fitness Association maintains a directory of Chicago personal trainers, complete with a list of certifications and specialties for each.
We know you're bombarded with options when it comes to acquiring an online personal trainer certification, but we are confident that our program is different, better. There have been two studies that have demonstrated the positive impact of a personal training program. These are an inexpensive alternative to personal training and often yield the same results.

Our lessons cover everything from aerobic and anaerobic training methods for athletes all the way to how to safely and effectively train clients with special needs. Our instructors and presenters are steeped not only in training methodologies, but also in how to effectively communicate these ideas so that our students can best retain them.
In addition to the 20+ trainers that utilize this space, there are several group fitness classes available, including WERQ dance workouts, Sprout pre- and post-natal training, and bootcamp. The personal training field is as diverse as ever and our program has evolved and adapted over the years so that you can be fully equipped not only to have the skills of a personal trainer, but to be a personal trainer. Along with instant access to some of the most advanced training materials on the web, we'll also allow you opportunities to network with like-minded individuals from all over the world.
While primarily a training facility, the gym also offers individual memberships for $49-59 per month.
Finally, because our goal is to get you out in the field and working, we offer an array of programs to assist you with marketing strategies, business plan development and even website and social media tips.

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