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Treeplot pictures of foods rich in vitamins chooses between these two  photographers, depending on the low-key society of this photo. Vitamin A is measured in International Units (IU), and the average adult needs about 5000 IU per day.
One medium carrot accounts for over 200% of the average person’s Vitamin A needs for the day. Vitamin A - Vegan HealthThe vitamin A content of foods is now stated as retinol activity equivalents (RAE).
Don’t be afraid to add some to your salad and sandwiches when you need an extra boost of Vitamin A.
Cod liver oil, which comes in both liquid and capsule form, contains Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and omega 3 fatty acids. Turkey liver makes a great addition to gravy and stuffing, and it’s a surprising source of several vitamins and minerals.
But no matter where you’re from and what style of food you prefer, you can enjoy the many health benefits of this fiery red spice by incorporating it into your favorite meals.

They also make a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet, thanks to the many nutrients and vitamins they supply. A cup of whole milk is high in Vitamins D and A, and it’s a good source of calcium, protein, and magnesium. It’s also high in fat, though, so enjoy it in moderation or switch to skim milk if fat and calories become a concern.Serving Size (1 cup), 395 IU of Vitamin A (8% DV), 146 calories. Just a cup of chopped mustard green provides 118% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A. Enjoy them often, because they’re also high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, manganese, folate, fiber, protein, and calcium.
A one-cup serving of butternut squash cubes contains well over 400% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A.
Kale can do wonders for your health, including helping you meet and exceed the amount of Vitamin A that is recommended for the day. One serving of peas (half a cup) provides 134% of the recommended amount of Vitamin A, and with just a measly 62 calories.

However you classify them, you should be eating more of them, because they’re low in calories but high in several vitamins and minerals. In particular, make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin A by enjoying a one-cup serving of spinach, which contains 49% of the daily recommended value.
Liver is often touted as a great remedy for anemia, but it’s also a good source of Vitamins C and A. In the case of Vitamin A, many brands of fortified oatmeal contain up to 29% of the daily value per one-cup serving.

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