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This is what drew me to the 7-day cabbage soup diet because I love that I can eat this soup in unlimited quantities. Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup (Wonder Soup), most websites featuring this diet  says you should boil the vegetables in water, uh…no ma’am!! Day 1- Eat nothing but fruit today (except for bananas) and as much of the diet cabbage soup as you’d like. Day 3–  Today you eat fruits AND veggies (except bananas, corn and other starchy veggies) You also don’t get a potato today, sucks! Day 6-  Today it’s protein and veggies- Unlike yesterday you can have other veggies besides tomatoes.
Hey, what if you substitute water for green tea instead flavored with fresh lemon juice (no sugar of any kind) or still drink water but have a few cups of green tea a couple times a day.
Here’s a few simple food ideas: season fresh asparagus with onion powder and a small amount of garlic salt or whatever spices you like and put in the oven then add lemon juice when they come out (lemon juice is a flavor godsend) Also on a veggie day I cooked an asparagus for dinner and ate with mustard, it was extremely filling! Now you can have all the recipes on Divas Can Cook in an organized, printer-friendly format!

I’ve always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes and it has never hindered my weight loss that I know of.
I like to eat baked cinnamon apples (use sweet gala apples) in the morning, a large fruit salad and cabbage soup for lunch, and cabbage soup and a melon salad for dinner. I really hope this works I need that extra boost of confidence to contnue my wieght loss journey I have taken a yr lull and gained 30 lbs back after loosing over 45 lbs….crossing my fingers!! When I need to lose my gut or 10 pounds quickly I turn to 3 diets that never lets me down; my smoothie diet, The 17 Day Diet (review coming soon) and my newest love, the 7-day cabbage soup diet!!
Cut your calories, bad sugar, starches, for a brief period of time while drinking lots of water and you’ll lose weight quickly. If you jump back to eating bad sugars and carbs right away your going to gain the weight back quick. Your body will start to hold on to weight if you cut it’s calories too much for an extended period of time. You’ll have much better weight loss results if you complete this diet and then start on a balanced, healthy diet for your size, while eliminating bad carbs and refined sugars.

Eat as much cabbage soup as you would like to keep your energy up and drink plenty of water.
The recipe provided was initially a little spicy but I tried it without red peppers the second batch and it was not nearly as tasty, I learned to love the spice really quick.
For dinner I had more wonder soup, but I added turkey breakfast sausage to it and more tomatoes. Love it and will def try to do it once a month to jump start my weight loss or get back on track if need be.
Start on a balanced eating plan or lifestyle that will support normal weight loss along with exercise. It’s not that difficult of a day, very boring and if you hate bananas I feel sorry for you babes.

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