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The purpose of Yoga Nidra is to awaken to your limitlessness and the healing potential that lies dormant within you. On any given day Insight Timer users collectively meditate for approximately 1,000,000 minutes. The implication is that the mind can actually enhance the healing process by a factor of four, and if people need fewer treatments, it costs less,” Kabat-Zinn explains. Most of the resistance people experience with meditation has to do with their self-perceptions and their impressions of what people do during meditation. As you feel yourself come free from your cocoon, feel yourself also leaving all your worries and concerns behind. These same relaxation techniques will benefit you when trying to fall asleep as well. This meditation is meant to be listened to in a relaxed state with your eyes closed. Yoga nidra is a state of in-between awareness, a rejuvenating and deep mental and physical relaxation that boarders the realms of dream, whilst still maintaining a degree of awareness. Several tribes around the world participate in dances and traditions during which they engage in meditating music, and this music in fact creates a sense of meditation in a circuitous pattern of meditating music. As you begin to rest in Pure Awareness and let go of old beliefs and traumas, I also support you in following your inner guidance in checking into any healing modality that you are drawn to. There are many therapies that can help ease the effects of painful beliefs that manifest in the body, mind and emotions. As DeSteno writes, one of the ways meditation helps foster compassion is by decreasing the us/them” distinctions that separate people from one another. This was an incredibly beautiful experience for me. I am just beginning to experiment with meditation as a part of my Sabbath. With the help of a few simple techniques we can learn to improve focus, develop poise, solve problems, reduce stress and see our life path more clearly. However, when the emotions are so strong that we cannot control them, we need to stabilize the mind by focusing on our breathing. My point is that it is not just hitting brain waives, it is one of the ways to reach the meditative state and get desired results which is happiness, fulfillment, wholeness or whatever desire people might have and enjoy the process this way. Gently push any negative or distracting thoughts that may surface away and return your attention to your breathing and your body. Your breathing becomes shallow and rapid, and you primarily breathe from the chest and not the lower lungs. Imagine that breath going deep into your center of gravity—that spot about 2 inches below your navel. Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, sensations in your body or sounds in the environment, simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra. If you tend to worry a lot, try going to bed half an hour or more before you actually want to sleep and either write in a journal, listen to a meditation or relaxing music, read a book, or find another way to relax and have some you-time before sleep. Deliberately copying a relaxed breathing pattern seems to calm the nervous system that controls the body's involuntary functions. I make good use of the sites or apps that will automatically ring the bells for me as needed/wanted. Now that you know the basics about Silva method, let us know if you'll give it a try. Think of guided meditation as watching an amazing movie where you're the writer, director, and star. Tags: living jody,prayers,tapes artists | deep breathing relaxation, deep breathing relaxation, guided meditation script, deepak chopra meditation, meditation podcast episode 14

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