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West Lafayette Amberleigh Village 4 bedroom homes for sale by Purdue Research Park Market Report 1st Quarter sales 2015.
West Lafayette Amberleigh Village 4 bedroom homes for sale by Purdue Research Park that sold 1st Half 2014. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
If you like real estate and are out of work, following is some insight into the types of foreclosure jobs that are available, and how to go about finding them online. Following is a list of the types of jobs you will find on major job sites like CareerBuilder, Yahoo! Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs: This can be anything from removing trash and debris to interior cleaning like cleaning refrigerators, dusting and shampooing carpets, to exterior duties like lawn maintenance.
For most foreclosure cleaning jobs, you don’t need any experience, just a willingness to work hard.
How much you will earn depends on the duties you’ll be asked to perform, how long the job takes to complete and of course what the foreclosure cleanup company at hand is being paid (which you won’t know). A good place to find these jobs in addition to contacting foreclosure cleaning companies directly is to register with local staffing agencies that handle these types of job orders.
Also contact cleaning companies, lawn maintenance firms and property preservation companies in your area — they all take on foreclosure cleaning jobs.

Responsibilities also include following all state and federal laws in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Foreclosure Analyst: A foreclosure analyst monitors the foreclosure process of defaulted mortgages to ensure compliance with the various governmental and investor guidelines. Foreclosure Realtor Jobs: The advent of the foreclosure crisis in 2007 caused many realtor commissions to dry up – quickly. In many cases, foreclosure realtors also find and schedule other professionals to do work on the home to prepare it for sale – eg, schedule foreclosure cleanup crews to remove trash and debris, hiring lawn maintenance companies to make sure the grass is cut and hedges are trimmed until the property sells, etc. Foreclosure Mortgage Specialist: This professional is responsible for conducting an in-depth evaluation of the foreclosure (mortgage) account in order to determine equity position of the Bank.
Searching for a foreclosure job online can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know how to do it. When you do a title search like this, titles of other positions in the foreclosure industry will also pop up. Property Tax Liens, Bankruptcy & Foreclosure: Will your tax lien will remain after Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
The types of companies that have these jobs are, of course, foreclosure cleaning companies and they can pay anywhere from minimum wage on up to a day rate of $100-$150 or more.
You may also be qualified if you’ve worked in the mortgage industry and understand the terminology of foreclosure, eg, NOD (Notice of Default), NOS (Notice of Sale), mortgage refinance, etc.

If you’ve worked in the mortgage industry, particularly for a bank, this would be a good job for someone with your skill set. Many left the profession altogether, while others retooled their skill set and positioned themselves as foreclosure realtors.
They market foreclosed properties for banks and other lenders in the most timely and cost efficient manner. Article may not be reprinted or reproduced in any manner without the express, written consent of the author. Because sometimes foreclosure cleaning companies use staffing agencies to help them on jobs when they need extra help. Much like a “regular realtor,” a foreclosure realtor places ads to market a home, negotiate sales contracts, prepare comp information, schedule showings, answer buyer questions, etc.

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