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The Cayman Islands, for example, are a great destination for vacation rentals, as there are multiple properties available through both resorts and private owners. As the Hawaiian islands are popular for honeymoons, they’re also known for the quality of their vacation rentals, particularly beachside condos.
Sometimes it can be easy to travel to the Caribbean and not get to know the local cuisine, music, traditions, or customs. Island condos are especially popular, often including two bedrooms and two baths, though both bigger and smaller rentals are available as well.
When you’re dealing with individual owners instead of large hotels, there might be room for some bargaining. Many newlyweds choose to skip the packages of luxury resorts in favor of incredible rentals. Condos are available in large vacation areas such as Waikiki Beach, but it’s also possible to find them in smaller places, such as the quiet island of Molokai. George Island, Florida, a Florida beach without crowds, located approximately 75 miles west of Tallahassee, and approximately 80 miles east of Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City, is easily reached by bridge from Eastpoint on US 98, the scenic route along the Panhandle coast. George Light, which guided so many mariners to a safe harbor on the Forgotten Coast, will live on as an important part of the maritime history of Florida's Panhandle. Watching the gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, listening to the pounding of the surf, or watching the fog roll in, brings an inner peace that is all too rare for most of us. Some travelers visiting the world's islands long for a more relaxing environment and privacy that a busy resort just can’t provide, or they want more autonomy in terms of preparing their own meals. When you choose tropical island vacation rentals over resorts, you are more likely to have an authentic experience.
The Caymans are known for their great beaches and scuba diving, and for being less crowded than their more touristy counterparts, all of which makes a Grand Cayman vacation rental a terrific choice. If you’re traveling in the off season or are planning on an extended stay, ask the owner for a discount.

To really splurge, you can even book a vacation rental that comes with a private chef and a staff to assist you with any request. The areas of Kaluakoi, Kaunakakai, and West Molokai are great for vacationers seeking a quiet Hawaiian getaway and a luxury place to stay that’s right by the ocean.
If you’ve experienced these travel frustrations, give an island beach house rental a try.
The owner of the property can point you in the direction of local restaurants, shops, and bars. This will truly be the honeymoon of a lifetime, and one that couldn’t be achieved in a resort. Instead of dining out for every meal, including expensive breakfasts and lunches, prepare some of your meals in your private kitchen.
Apalachicola Bay, one of the most productive commercial and sport fisheries in Florida, with the oyster industry being the most well-known, borders the north side. George was built in 1833 and remained until the 65-foot tall light was destroyed by storms in 1846.
Everyone can find something they enjoy - from swimming, sunbathing, and strolling the near primitive white sand beaches in search of seashells, to bird watching, throwing your cast net and fishing from the surf or your own boat.
Tropical island vacation rentals provide an excellent alternative to hotels, where you can sit back and read a book in your own living room or spend quality time around the dinner table with your family, all a few steps away from the beach. A second light, completed in 1848, was about 75 feet tall and made using materials from the 1833 lighthouse. It lasted three years, until it was flattened by a hurricane in August of 1851, which also destroyed the Cape San Blas and Dog Island lighthouses. The third lighthouse stood for 153 years until hurricanes, wars, and erosion caused it to collapse on October 21, 2005. The arrival of European colonists to the area in the late 1700s was followed by an intense struggle for control.

George Lighthouse Association (established in 2004) worked with the State of Florida DEP and successfully salvaged the pieces of the fallen light. Volunteers cleaned the old mortar off more than 20,000 of the original bricks so that they could be reused in the reconstruction of the lighthouse. George have also been purchased by the State of Florida, thereby ensuring preservation of their natural state. The original pieces of the iron lantern room, twisted in the fall, have been preserved as artifacts and used as patterns to reconstruct the graceful birdcage enclosure that once housed the third order Fresnel lens.
Volunteers helped reassemble the lantern room, which was displayed in the county park until time for it to be hoisted to the top of the rebuilt lighthouse. It was cut to provide Apalachicola fishing fleets and other vessels access to the gulf from Apalachicola Bay.
George Island has been orderly, and the beauty of the land has been well protected by low density zoning regulations.
Strict building codes require minimum square footages, allow only one single family dwelling per lot, and limit height to 35 feet from the first habitable floor elevation (which means no high rises). George Lighthouse Association received State Historic Preservation Grant funds which enabled the reconstruction of the tower to begin.
George was also the location for numerous training exercises by troops from bases located on the adjacent mainland during World War II. George Lighthouse Park, allowing for the planting of sabal palms and the installation of brick pathways.
A temporary Visitor Center and Lighthouse Museum has been built, and will eventually be replaced with a permanent structure designed to replicate the original lighthouse keeper's dwelling.

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