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Authorities in western Pennsylvania say a man and woman were struck and killed by a train while trying to cross the tracks. At least 50 people were killed dancing in the street at a wedding party in Turkey on Saturday by a suspected Islamic State suicide bomber.
A pet dog that was left abandoned in the chaos of the Louisiana floods was rescued in the nick of time as it was struggling to hold on to a fence.
The blast ripped through the celebration in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep on Saturday. Navy Senior Chief Michael Nance was on MSNBC discussing the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, and he believes there is another bomb yet to drop.

A large tree rests on the Hwy 12 bridge over the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas, Sunday May 24, 2015.
Francis of Assisi stands amid debris next to a destroyed home on River Road in Wimberley, Texas, Monday, May 25, 2015.
The mayors of two French municipalities are refusing to allow the funeral of a priest-murdering Muslim fanatic to be held on their turf, officials said Saturday.
The Turkish deputy prime minister says the attack appears to have been the work of a suicide bomber. BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich - Who Was MURDERED In DC - Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

Around a dozen people were reported missing in flash flooding from a line of storms that stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. CDTRecovery teams are set to resume looking for the 12 members of two families who authorities say are missing after a rain-swollen river in Central Texas carried their vacation home off its foundation, slamming it into a bridge downstream.

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