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Did you know australis as captured by nasas image satellite overlaid onto nasa is most likely the hottest topics on this category? Did you know that the 100 tv show season 2 is one of the most popular topics in this category? Unique Homes is an exclusive project, reserved for those who are determined to make the dream of stylish urban living come true.
Unique by name and nature, this project of only three villas will satisfy an uncompromising demand for high-end homes in terms of design, architecture, construction and finish. Each 4-bedroom villa embraces every aspect of luxurious contemporary comfort within generous dimensions that defy the limited standards of today’s urban construction. Just off the bustling tourist area of Limassol and a short 4-minute walk from the sea, an exceptional site in the shade of an orange grove and timeless olive trees is waiting to be transformed into a three homes for the elite. Description: The Stockade is located in the northwest corner of the city on the south bank of the Mohawk River. Connects directly to the Capital Region MLS for the most complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute information available. Locations and school districts are searched from the Sub Area List to the right of the Sub Area and School District Code boxes.
Schenectady, New York is the capital of Schenectady County and is the northern point of the tri-cities of Albany, Troy and Schenectady with an area of 11 sq. The first residents of area that is now Schenectady were probably the remnants of the Mohican tribe of the Iroquois Nation before being pushed east of the Hudson River by the Mohawk tribes who generally settled the regions further west that is now the Town of Glenville where the land was more suitable for cultivating maze (Indian corn), Squash and beans that were the staples of the Native American diet along with fish and game, nuts and berries.
When settlers from Holland arrived in the area in the mid to late 1600s, the Mohawk called the settlement at Fort Orange "Schau-naugh-ta-da", meaning "over the pine plains." To the Dutch, however, the name actually meant a€?before the pine plainsa€? referring to the bend in the Mohawk River where the city lies today.
In 1684 Arent Van Curler of Nijkerk in the Netherland was granted letters patent to Schenectady although the region had been inhabited by Europeans since 1661. Six years later on February 8, 1690 during King William's War the town was attacked and overrun by forces of France and their Indian allies who burned the town and killed all but 60 of the residents.
During the American Revolutionary War the local unit of the 2nd Albany County Militia fought the Battle of Saratoga and against Loyalist troops. The city was known as "The City that Lights and Hauls the World"--a referencing the Edison Electric Company and the American Locomotive Company. As of census of 2010, there were 66,136 people (down from 96,000 in 1950), 26,266 households, and 14,050 families residing in the city.
Description: The Stockade contains a plethora of Dutch and English 17th-18th century buildings.

Description: The Schenectady Massacre was a Canadian attack against the Stockade on February 8th 1690. Description: The Schenectady Locomotive Works built locomotives from 1848 through its merger into American Locomotive Company (Alco) in 1901. These beautiful, wacky, and unique living structures are a testament to human creativity and ingenuity.
From a home with an airplane on top to an innovative sundial home that heats itself, these are 18 of the most interesting houses on the planet.
70 dome houses were built for villagers who lost their houses to an earthquake in Indonesia's ancient city of Yogyakarta.
Architect Gary Chang has made his 105-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong into an innovative "domestic transformer." The walls move and storage spaces unfold to create 24 individualized rooms. A triplex penthouse atop Brooklyn's iconic Clock Tower building in DUMBO has stunning views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Brazilian artists Tiago Primo (top) and his brother Gabriel built a vertical "house" on a climbing wall in Rio de Janeiro.
73-year-old builder Bohumil Lhota created a turning house in a small village north of Prague, Czech Republic. Thought to be the world's skinniest home averaging five-feet wide, the Keret Home was built by Edgar Keret in Warsaw between two existing buildings. This home a€” built in the Ivory Coast's capital Abidjan a€” was made to look like a crocodile.
These treehouses on the Nine Ladies site in Stanton Lees, Derbyshire in Northern England were inhabited by protestors for over four years who were trying to prevent the land from being quarried for gritstone (they were ultimately successful).
Liu Lingchao built a makeshift dwelling to house himself as he walked back to his hometown in China. Chris and Malissa Tack gave up their high-tech lives in 2011 and condensed their world into a "tiny house" in the town of Snohomish, Washington.
Here is where the fantasy of a central and yet quiet and private location in Limassol turns into reality, for you to enjoy for a lifetime.
Indeed, the exceptional combination of location, size and quality delivers a residence that is all but impossible to match in Limassol; a common dream, but a rare opportunity. The National Park Service has described it as "the highest concentration of historic period homes in the country," with over 40 buildings older than 200 years. A party of more than 200 Canadians and allied Mohawk, Sault, and Algonquin warriors attacked the defenseless community, burning most of the homes, and killing or capturing most of its inhabitants.
There are approximately 100 people living in this tiny town, which was originally founded 35 years ago as a safe-haven for fundamentalist Mormons.

There are about 40 people living in this makeshift camp who came to pick grapes during the six-week annual harvest. The house is designed as a three-dimensional sundial that keeps the temperature cool during summer months, and warms the living space in the winter, fall, and spring.
The house is in Mexico's Northern state of Coahuila, and is 131 feet in diameter with a huge boulder used as the roof. It also has a private elevator, 7,000-square-feet of space, and currently on sale for $18 million. They had shelves, counters, a hammock and a bed, but used the bathroom inside the art gallery next door. It was priced at $130,000, and has two bathrooms, timber floors, a kitchen, laundry room, and can be pulled apart and transported if need be. It was designed and built by an artist, and now his apprentice lives in the home after his death.
It's in the city of Abuja, and was created by a couple to display their love for traveling. A group of young men decided that the rock was the ideal place to build a shelter in 1968, and it has withstood severe storms and floods for over 50 years. He has been walking for five years with the 132 pound structure made from plastic bags, bed sheets, and bamboo, and is now less than 20 miles away from his goal. We had taken this image on the internet we believe would be probably the most representative pics for australis as captured by nasas image satellite overlaid onto nasa. We got this picture from the net that we consider would be probably the most representative pics for the 100 tv show season 2. We had taken this image from the net we believe would be one of the most representative photos for best of the springs. After 175 years as a traditional all-male institution, Union began enrolling women in 1970. The racial makeup of the city was 59% Caucasion, 24% African American, less than 1% Native American, 2% Asian, 8% from other races.
The top ancestries self-identified by people on the census are Italian (13%), Guyanese (12%), Irish (12%), Puerto Rican (10%), German (8%), English (6%), Polish (5%), French (4%).
These reflect historic and early 20th-century immigration, as well as that since the late 20th century.

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