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As the nation faces an onslaught of foreclosures following a catastrophic crisis of predatory and improvident lending, current homeowners seek relief in a variety of ways. In 2002 several large lenders, including Countrywide and Washington Mutual, lost quality control of their lending business. When monthly payments on most of these loans exceeded the borrower’s monthly net income, this expanding balloon became visible to everyone. In Washington, lawyers seeking to help clients in foreclosure are faced with two major obstacles.
When you take out a mortgage to buy a house or refinance a house, you give the lender a security interest in the house. During the foreclosure process in NJ, you as the homeowner can try to catch up on the back payments you owe; however, once the sheriff sale occurs, you can no longer cure your default. Note that you may have some time to make up those back payments; the foreclosure process in New Jersey can take a long time. Thousands of New Jersey homeowners are in a holding pattern, either waiting for the hammer to fall on an existing foreclosure or waiting for the mortgage company to begin foreclosure proceedings. If you are facing foreclosure or an imminent sheriff sale, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the solution.
For Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save your house, you must file your case before the property goes to sheriff sale. By an Act of Congress, we are a debt relief agency, we help people file for relief under the U.S. Wall Street corruption blurs the lines between good guys and bad guys as this week’s headlines bubble to the top. The conviction of Galleon hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam on all 14 counts of conspiracy and securities fraud is a prime example of rampant Wall Street greed and conspiracy.
It’s become clear that bankers took advantage of us all through the tricks and frauds of petty crooks. Rajaratnam, formerly viewed as a skilled investor and stock market genius, should have stuck to “counting cards.” It’s one thing to make informed, intelligent investments by counting cards through legitimate research and public knowledge. Now, after a mosaic of insider trading and deception has been uncovered, the billionaire Rajaratnam is exposed as a card marker. Not surprisingly, this card marking culture is closely tied to the banks and mortgage-baked securities (MBS) industry that brought down the American real estate market. It’s an understatement to say that homeowners have had it up to here with banks and the foreclosure process. According to a investigation by CBS I-Team reporter Al Sunshine, 50 state attorney generals are investigating the foreclosure debacle. He estimates 95% of mortgages are now controlled by what’s called a servicer, which is a bank or financial company which handles your mortgage and monthly payment. And therein lies the problem with the mortgage system, foreclosure attorney Roy Oppenheim told Sunshine. So the interests of the borrower are in constant conflict with the interests of the servicer. A new federally funded program is now accepting applications for mortgage assistance payments in Florida.
Do such offers signify that banks have learned their lesson and are trying to get out of sub-prime loans, or are they looking to just prevent further losses?
A short sale is a situation where the Seller’s net proceeds, after payment of all applicable closing costs and other charges normally paid by the Seller from the sale of a property, are insufficient to pay all outstanding mortgages and other liens against the property at closing. With a short sale, sellers avoid having to go through a lengthy foreclosure process and prevent the impact of a foreclosure on their credit score.
The bank is often more willing to take a reduced amount in a short sale rather than take the property back – remember the banks are in the lending business, not the property ownership business.
Short sales can be difficult to work through and can take a tremendous amount of time if the key people involved are not knowledgeable in the process.
In today’s ever changing real estate market, you need experts working with you and for you to sell your house and keep it out of foreclosure.

We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners get rid of burdensome houses fast.
For example, homeowners can attempt to avoid foreclosure by qualifying for government loan modification programs to prevent the loss of their homes, the loss of their business properties, and mounting deficiency judgments. These lenders generated loans to almost any applicant regardless of qualification, on homes regardless of value, and with deferred teaser rates that allowed people surviving only on Social Security payments, or even less, to acquire homes “valued” by the lenders’ “in-house” appraisers at greatly inflated prices. As a result, values in real estate dropped twenty-five percent in 2008, in part due to having been over-valued by lenders’ in-house appraisers; homeowners had no equity and could not qualify for a refinance at the attractive rates offered once the crisis was in full bloom. First, lawsuits to stop a wrongful foreclosure are often defeated by judge-made rules holding that there is no such cause of action unless the foreclosure is actually completed. This means that in exchange for lending you the money, you give the lender the right to take the house and sell it if you do not repay the loan.
At that point, you have 10 days to come up with the entire balance of the mortgage loan, and if you cannot, the house is gone.
Filing bankruptcy initiates the automatic stay, which prevents any and all collection activity, including foreclosures and sheriff sales. Since they are often not the bank that lent you the money in the first place, there is little risk to them, and foreclosure is better for their bottom line. The Florida Hardest-Hit program pays an applicant’s mortgage for up to six months to help them to focus on finding a job.
Borrowers who are in or nearing foreclosure are being offered thousands of dollars to short sale their homes. Not only do banks protect home prices, but they stand to get back more money quicker from a short sale than a foreclosure and the good publicity would be a nice change of pace for their PR departments. The term short sale is used to describe a situation where there is more debt owed against a property than the property is worth. Often agents and buyers will avoid properties that are for sale as a short sale for that reason. Perhaps you are not aware that a lien has been filed, but I can tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there are MANY people in the same circumstance. We are not Realtors, We are local investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair all cash offer. These modifications are difficult to get, provide only limited and short-term relief, and frequently leave the homeowner owing much more than the home is worth. Lenders were happy to make a loan to purchase a home with the customary down payment coming from the same lender secured by a second mortgage on the same property.
By 2010, foreclosures in America topped two million and have not seen a significant decline since.
Even worse is the obstacle to lawsuits filed after a wrongful foreclosure; in these cases, courts often find that homeowners have waived their claims by not raising them prior to foreclosure.
Our South Jersey bankruptcy lawyers can explain to you how bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, stop a sheriff sale and save your home.
Foreclosure is the process by which a lender exercises that right, and it culminates in a sheriff sale, where the mortgage lender sells the house at auction to satisfy the debt. Once the bankruptcy stops the sale, you can use the Chapter 13 plan to catch up on your property taxes and mortgage payments. Bank of America’s chief economist, Mickey Levy, while speaking privately, spoke of the concern that the 1.8 million bad loans in the nation will drive down the market if they go into foreclosure. Homeowners in trouble are also helped because they can get out of their houses with some cash in their pockets and get on with the rest of their lives. In other words, the owner can’t sell the property unless the Lien Holder(s) agree to accept a payment that is less than, or short of, the amount actually owed.
For example our customer bought a triplex for $260,000 when the last sold duplex was for $350,000 in same neighborhood in 2011. Once the temporary reduction in the payment amount has ended, the home is again unaffordable, and the homeowner will not qualify for a refinance because the value is below the debt. This somewhat enviable position allows lenders and foreclosing trustees to ignore basic protections of law and places homeowners in the proverbial “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” position.

New Jersey has had a substantial backlog since the 2008 crisis, pushing the average foreclosure to over 1,000 days. In some cases, you might even be able to get rid of second and third mortgages such as equity loans and home improvement loans. Our consultations are free, and we serve clients all over South Jersey from our five convenient office locations. Jenkins has co-authored a Number 1 Bestselling Book in 2015 with Business Development Expert Brian Tracy entitled "Success Today". Nothing on this or associated pages, documents, comments, answers, emails, or other communications should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This situation presents an intriguing insight into the way banks are thinking at the moment. The Lien Holder(s) are usually mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, bankruptcy trustees, taxing authorities, or others. The basic idea is that instead of getting foreclosed on, the seller is able to sell their property at a price and terms and conditions agreed upon by their lender. Our other customer is buying a single family home for $208,000 when the last one sold was for $250,000 in the same subdivision in 2012. Courts are often, therefore, the only place where a homeowner, facing a wrongful non-judicial foreclosure, can turn for help.
Large numbers of homeowners across the nation defaulted on their loans, but only after depleting their retirement accounts, their savings, their equity in the home, and finally, their sanity. Moreover, hiring a lawyer to raise defenses is expensive and beyond the reach of many homeowners who already cannot make their mortgage payments. Let our family help your family – if a foreclosure is pending on your house or a sheriff sale has already been scheduled, call now at (877) 401-9001 for a free consultation to protect your home. This information on this website is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing of this information does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. They don’t want the rest of their loans to become vulnerable: the more foreclosures, the more house prices fall, therefore, the value of the banks’ loans go down and more people want to walk away from their homes, causing the banks even more losses.
They can help us get the price we need to sell your house by negotiating with all of your lien holders.
Each person’s goals are individual and we look for a property that will make that happen. Courts, with the urging of lawyers for the largest lenders, have placed many roadblocks in the path of the homeowner who seeks merely to resume reasonable payments on a home that may someday have equity.
Jenkins has also been interviewed regarding various bankruptcy matters on National Television (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) on the "Get Real" show with host Kristi Frank (star of the television show "The Apprentice").
A month later they sold it for R700 000, making R300 000 profit on top of the 10 years worth of bond repayments he’d already forked over! In essence, the third party buys your bond, looking to make profit over a long period of time.
Community worker through Love Knysna Projects, a voluntary association aiming to put educational smiles on children and bring the community of Knysna closer together. This is very good platform to educate our people about the pitfalls and the opportunism and I may say corruption that is been perpetrated by banks.
People who are finding themselves in these situations must report it to the comsumer commision and to the HAWKS. Everyone else, you should do the same.Note to New Era, give people the free subscription offer (general interest) on the same page as the paid one (for those seeking help and info to fight for their houses). When thousands of us bloggers said that the Recession was coming because the housing industry and credit derivatives were going to collapse, the economist, who new more, lied to the bitter end…and further.

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