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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. There used to be a fair number of restaurants like it, but in recent years the steak house has been supersized, hundreds of seats in vast and often fancy spaces.
Designer John Batemen did a tremendous job of reinventing the space vacated by Patrick's, adding mocha paint and charming banquettes, deleting a fireplace and rearranging the bar and the entrance to maximize space. As at Casey's other restaurants, the wine list is smart, a collaboration between their distributor and the staff responsible for the wine lists a€” Dara Wilkerson at Snapper's, Doug Casey at Madfish and Max Andrews at the Chophouse.
For now, desserts seem a bit of an afterthought (the salted caramel panna cotta was a good idea, $5, but so firm it was chewy), and service pacing is still getting its bearings, occasionally requiring pantomiming across the dining room for a check or more water. It was built in 1928 to resemble a Mediterranean-style castle, located right in the heart of St. On one side of the bay Charley's, Shula's, Fleming's, Ruth's Chris and big-daddy Bern's do it up large.

He has owned nearby Snapper's and Madfish for years, and got his start as a kid at the Wine Cellar in Redington Beach. All his restaurants are small, partly because he likes the intimacy and family-feel of a small staff (many of his staffers do double duty at more than one restaurant). Entrees come with a sophisticated dinner salad, bread, and a choice of potatoes (the au gratin with bacon being the big winner). Nothing is above a 200 percent markup (most restaurants go 250 and as high as 300 percent), and the list leans heavily to mid-priced and vibrant California bottlings, with lots of range outside of cabernet sauvignons.
Still, as snowbird season reaches its frenetic heights in coming weeks, this newcomer will clearly be on the lips of every hotel concierge on the beaches. Green veggies are a la carte, a fact that Casey attributed to the sheer quantity of veggies thrown away at his other restaurants.
Hotel offers white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, amazing sunsets, comfortable accommodations and fun for the entire family.

It's not just the restaurant's size that's diminutive, it's also the price point: Steaks ring in mostly under $30 at a time when beef price are getting crazy (a recent USA Today story predicts beef prices will rise by as much as 10 percent by summer). Having listened to hotel concierges on the beaches for years, he found visitors want steak when they come to Florida. Ruth's Chris and other high-end steak houses get that super-hot sear with a grill made by Montegue; Casey bought a similar product from Southbend that sears steaks on a griddle before broiling them swiftly at 1,200 degrees (thus the name). In the face of lobster-crusted grouper ($26.95) and a baked potato, who wants to eat their broccoli?

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