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David Rowland Francis, Governor of the state from 1889-1893, became owner of part of the property in 1884 on which he established his vast farm. Cyrus Crane Willmore, for whom the neighborhood’s second park is named, became the visionary developer of the St. Names of streets within the neighborhood, as well as early development architecture, reflect Willmore’s English heritage—Nottingham Avenue, Devonshire Avenue, Tamm Avenue to name a few. In the 6300 block of Bancroft Avenue a row of bungalows dubbed Hansel and Gretel houses faces well-maintained four family apartment buildings. The homes and apartments surrounding Francis Park typify much of the rest of the neighborhood.
In the early 1920's, developers William Federer, Gus Arendes and Don Livingston purchased a large plot of land from Missouri Pacific Railroad. In 1909 the Burgen Place subdivision was named from the Burgenland province in eastern Austria. The private Concordia Heights subdivision of 1910 which was named for the nearby Concordia Cemetery. The three developers of Holly Hills, Federer, Livingston and Arendes, made plans at the Coronado hotel, and named one of the streets in its honor. One of the developers was originally from Delaware, and named two streets after Delaware cities: Dover and Wilmington. Hiriam Leffingwell, one of the original Forest Park founders, envisioned a broad boulevard stretching from the Mississippi River north of the city to the river south of the city. Originally named after Edward Haren, a landowner and banker, a street sign was printed wrong and never fixed.
Marwinette is a composite name of the wives of the three developers of Holly Hills: MARie Federer, WINifred Livingston and JeanETTE Arendes. Possibly named after an original subdivision named Rosa Park, or it may be named after Rosa Weil. Named after a region in Austria because it was originally in a subdivision called Austria Heights.
Many that live in Holly Hills grew up here, and they have been tremendous guardians of the hood, and have done nothing but improve this place in my 16 years living in St. Yeah, Holly Hills Blvd gets most of the glory, but there are homes within the heart of HH that are just as stunning. Other than the amazing housing stock, you will find some of the finest, kindest people anywhere in the city pridefully calling Holly Hills home.
Louis Hills, developed from 1930-1950s, is relatively recent compared to city’s beginnings in 1763. Louis Hills for its lovely parks and beautifully landscaped yards so, too, are they drawn to it architecture. Hardwood floors, stained glass (often with southwestern motifs), elegant stone work, glass block trim, casement and circular windows, and zigzag brick patterns characterize these structures. On Nottingham Avenue, north of the park, it is easy to find examples of the porthole windows, zigzag brick and glass block trim in the two and multi-families which have been lovingly maintained over the years.

Here there are primarily brick ranch homes, a style that became popular after World War II. Louis Hills seeking its classic Tudors and colonials with their abundant stained glass and ornamental brick and stone work, this neighborhood boasts such a wide variety of architecture that it will appeal to nearly any preference and need. They planned to develop the area north of Carondelet Park into a residential area with the elegance of Hollywood; thus the name Holly Hills.
The name began to be popular after British troops fought at the Battle of Alma, a river in the Crimea, in 1854.
The village was named in 1794 by Clement DeLore in honor of Baron Francois Louis Hector de Carondelet, Governor General of the Spanish-Louisiana Province.
Louis, you need to go through Holly Hills, it's one of the best, cleanest, safest neighborhoods in the city.
When I think of Holly Hills I think of the beautiful, large homes that line Carondelet Park or the multi-family homes.Sometimes it pays to stray away from the beaten path. The boundaries you list for Holly Hills differs from what the Holly Hills Association lists on their website (which is what the city uses on its on website for the list of neighborhoods).
Francis was President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition from 1889 until its opening in 1904.
Slate or tile roofs, once mandatory, but prohibitively expensive to replace, have in a few places been replaced by shingles.
On Nottingham Avenue, closer to Francis Park, is one of the Hills’ architectural landmarks, the Vedder apartment building. One Regency style home facing the park on Tamm was featured in a 1936 edition of McCall’s magazine, as were several others in the Hills.
Many of the larger ranches and 1.5 story homes sit on huge lots that afford ample room for in-ground pools, which several of these homeowners have added. Meticulous attention to detail throughout and clean as can be!  There is a newer 2-story addition with a full basement to give a total of 2460 square feet of living space on 3 floors. The first building permit for a home on Holly Hills, across from the park, was issued in 1926. In 1951, rent controls initiated during the war to deal with housing shortages were lifted. It has become a ritual after dinner to take a walk with my two young children and discover the beutiful homes from here to the park. I'm sure there are some people that work in the Conveyancing Balmain selling industry that can help me.
Louis Hills dates back to deeds granted to pioneer French colonists Madame Ann Camp and Anton Reihle in 1768 by one founder of the Village of St. Louis in 1912 after graduation from the University of Illinois law school, and worked for a realty firm until 1922 when he formed his own company. Rich in art deco details it boasts curved corners, casement and circular windows, and complicated brick works. Just west of the park on Itaska Street stands one of the neighborhood’s most unusual art deco homes, an eight-sided house, each whose sides differs in length.

Nearly all of them have attached one or two-car garages and most have main floor family rooms. You’ll appreciate entertaining in this circular-flowing floor plan with stained glass windows, gorgeous stained woodwork and a gas fireplace for instant ambience. The Great Depression affected Holly Hills as it did elsewhere and the size of many of the later homes built in the neighborhood was scaled back from Federer's original vision. He has actually dug up one I suppose he thought might grow too large, and destroyed an anceint and gorgeous passio vine that was a glory to behold. Louis Hills was so far west of any other residential or commercial buildings located within the city limits. Mature trees lining streets throughout the area are predominantly oak, maple, poplar, with birch trees along Francis Park. The clearest divisions in architectural styles can be seen by examining the areas to the north and to the south of Eichelberger Street, which basically divides the area into St. The homes range from compact 2-bedroom homes to elegant, sprawling homes perfect for executive entertaining. Since only ornamental fences are permitted in the Estates, the feeling there is one of wide-open spaces. The eat-in kitchen was remodeled 10 years ago with lovely oak cabinets, beveled edge countertops, new stainless appliances & a bay window for your bistro set. Many unemployed in the area found work stabilizing the channel of the River Des Peres with limestone boulders. As yet I have no photos of him in the act, so I have to tolerate being bullied and having beloved planst destroyed, lest he start on my pets next.
The next year, Francis made a gift of the land to the city, and so it was named Francis Park. The teen in your family would love having the basement bedroom and new full bath, plus there’s a family room and additional space for office. I've already started and will do more over the next several months, but I have felt bad that I could not until do more. Louis Hills was still remote, open and forested land, and essentially remained so until the early 1930s. I am guessing he feels entitled to vandalize my yard in revenge for its somewhat weather-beaten appearance, and able because I have had so little resources to fight back. When my mower died, he charged me double what a professional would to mow the lawn twice, and vandalized plants while he had access to the yard. Thank God other neighors are to varying degrees kinder and law-abiding, or I'd abandon my house if need be to escape the bully.

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