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Strom Thurmond Lake, also known as both Thurmond Lake and Lake Thurmond, is a large reservoir located in McCormick County and Abbeville County. The lake was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1954 as a result of the Strom Thurmond Dam (pictured above and below) constructed at the confluence of the Little and Savannah Rivers.
Originally built for the purposes of flood risk management, hydroelectric power, and navigation, authorized uses of the lake now include water supply, fish and wildlife management, and recreation.
Originally named Clarks Hill Lake (after the SC town of the same name and Revolutionary War hero Elijah Clarke), the dam and reservoir were renamed in 1988 to honor former governor and long-time United States senator, Strom Thurmond. In order to commemorate the dam’s first 50 years of operations, fifty trees were planted on the grounds by the lake in 2004, and a time capsule was was filled with current items to be opened in 2054. Also seen behind the time capsule in the above photo is one of the dam’s seven original turbines. The purpose of the South Carolina Picture Project is to celebrate the beauty of the Palmetto State and create a permanent digital repository for our cultural landmarks and natural landscapes. Copyright: All images in the SC Picture Project remain the property of the photographer or artist. The view of a pontoon boat on the lake from the South Holston Dam near Bristol, TN on Sunday, April 29, 2012.
All photographs, text, sketches, videos, drawings, musings, sarcasm, and unicorns are ©2009-2015 Jason Barnette.
Several fishing boats and sail boats docked in Winyah Bay in Georgetown, SC on Friday, March 9, 2012.

Advanced REO properties search by home address, REO # and MLS #, property type and status, price range and realtor name. This Other property situated in 2664 Broad St, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902 is currently for sale and has Under Contract status.
TOPGUN Charters of Beaufort, South Carolina provides the finest boat home port to many of Beaufort, SC local Charter boat fishing Captains. It runs along the South Carolina and Georgia border offers numerous recreational opportunities. Together with Lake Hartwell and Lake Russell, the three man-made lakes have established a nearly 120-mile long stretch of reservoir habitat along the Savannah River. The lake and surrounding property include a Visitor Center, seen below, as well scenic picnic areas.
The bill was not passed, but in 1989 Georgia passed a law making Clarks Hill Lake the official state name for the lake. Now on dry land, the turbine stands seven feet in height, measures 15 feet in diameter, and weighs 59 tons.
We invite you to add additional pictures (paintings, photos, etc) of Strom Thurmond Lake, and we also invite you to add info, history, stories, and travel tips. I have fished every lake in this state and nothing holds a candle to the fishing at Lake Thurmond. We would clean fish and smile, then my mama would fry ’em up with fries, hushpuppies, and slaw.

View all required contact information like name, phone and email, realty firm name and address. Believe it or not, nearly 1,200 miles of shoreline surround Thurmond Lake – that is about the same distance from South Carolina to Maine. The turbines were replaced in the early 2000s with new stainless steel auto-venting turbines that weigh about 30 tons less than the originals.
My family and I always launch our boat at Plum Branch and the scenic views with the cool, greenish water are beautiful. Included in the mileage are the lake’s many islands and inlets, making for seemingly endless places to explore by boat. I hope in the future that Lake Thurmond will be a place with little development along the shoreline, so the next generation can enjoy the natural beauty that I have enjoyed.
We love to fish for Crappie — every trip we do well, but what we like most is being anchored out for 5-6 hours and not even seeing another boat. We make it convenient and easy to find thousands of lakefront, lake view, lake access, lake homes for sale, lake cabins, cottages, lake lots, retirement homes, second homes, weekend homes, vacation getaways, home sites, acreage, land, riverfront, canal front, timeshares, lakeside condos, town homes and more in one place.

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