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The unique architectural details of the Rummer homes in Beaverton Oregon are popular with those who love these one-level ranch style homes that take their inspiration from the mid-century Eichlers in California. Room Solutions Staging is based in Portland, Oregon, and offers a varied menu of professional home staging services throughout the Portland Metro area. Our proven home staging techniques will help reduce your property's market time and maximize your equity. Houses built by the Oregon builder Robert Rummer are known for their understated elegance, luxurious natural light, vaulted ceilings and exceptional craftsmanship. Robert Rummer had a secure position in insurance in 1959 when he had just finished building his family’s dream home. Rummer homes and the larger mid-century modern sensibilities they express are increasingly popular among design aficionados.
For many property owners, however, the ultimate reason to choose a Rummer home is its inherent long-term value.
Appreciation for Rummer’s style has lead several local neighborhood associations to explore national historic preservation.
To qualify for the National Register, properties must demonstrate integrity to the historic period in question. Another neighborhood, Bohmann Park in the Garden Home area, is not as far along in the preservation process as Oak Hills but could definitely earn Historic District status. Whether or not Bohmann Park and Oak Hills end up on the National Register of Historic Places, one thing’s certain: Robert Rummer’s influence isn’t going away any time soon.
Gary Higginbotham is the Marketing Manager for, the online home of Alan Mascord Design Associates. The Historic Preservation League of Oregon's tour will show a sampling of the 29 houses nestled throughout the 650-home community. The Historic Preservation League of Oregon's tour of Rummer homes will show a sampling of the 29 houses nestled throughout the 650-home community.
The tour will benefit the league and Oak Hills' nomination to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A 1960s planned community, Oak Hills homes are scattered around an elementary school, church, recreation center, pool and tennis courts, with green spaces and walking paths intertwined.
What: Tour eight houses built by Robert Rummer, view the Oak Hills church and community center, hear a lecture on midcentury modern architecture and attend a question-and-answer session with Rummer. Cost: $40 per personIt's a modest neighborhood, lacking in extravagant homes but abundant in manicured lawns and neighbors out walking the 2-mile stretch of sidewalk that circles the small community. If Oak Hills becomes a historic district, preservation league Executive Director Peggy Moretti said, it could stand to gain federal protection from decisions like the Bethany Boulevard expansion, approved by county commissioners in February, which will cut into several backyards.

The pride neighbors take in Oak Hills is their source of passion, Moretti said, demonstrated in their battle with the county and their pursuit of historic status.
The 29 houses built by Rummer in the late 1960s, a then-local architect, make it particularly appealing for historic preservation, Moretti said. The homes have a distinct look, similar to Joseph Eichler's midcentury modern homes in California, marked by flat, low-pitch roofs, an open design and single-story homes with atriums and vaulted ceilings. In June 1967, Awe moved into the four-bedroom house that she's lived in ever since and kept in the same style. But for Awe and other Oak Hills residents, the neighborhood is special for more than its pocketful of Rummer homes. There are other planned communities in the metro area, of course, but Castagno and other neighbors believe Oak Hills is different. For years, Awe said, several Rummer homeowners in the neighborhood have opened their homes to give neighbors a chance to see how they're styling, updating and fixing their homes. At any given time, half a dozen Rummers, as they are affectionately called, are up for sale in the Portland area – an indication of the impact left by one innovative designer’s life.
Yet when friends passed on pictures of Joe Eichler’s unusual, modernist homes in the San Francisco bay area, Rummer was inspired. An Eichler home used enormous posts and beams to hold up the structure, thereby allowing entire walls of windows. From 1959-1975, his company would build more than 750 mid-century modern-style homes in Portland, at the coast and sprinkled throughout the Willamette Valley. The versatility of minimalist modern design is one reason for this; a Rummer home can as comfortably withstand a desert landscape as it can the dripping firs of Portland. The structural skeleton of a Rummer design required top-notch labor and materials; only grade-A timber could support such airy layouts. Oak Hills, a mid-century neighborhood in Washington County, contains 29 Rummer homes and is in the process of earning National Historic District status with the National Register of Historic Places. Individuals work with their state’s office, as established by the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act.
If you’d like to explore local Rummers, keep up with the Historic Preservation League of Oregon, which offers tours of Rummer homes periodically. Awe loves her home's design, with a plant-filled atrium as its entrance and center, leading to several rooms through sliding glass doors.
If not for federal historic preservation, then at least for the admiring comments that Oak Hills neighbors have murmured among themselves for decades. Beyond the Eichler elements listed above, also look for generous use of glass, a central atrium, and vaulted ceilings.

And its simple, elegant lines complement many different decor styles, allowing the tastes of the homeowner to shine through.
This exceptional construction allows Rummer homes to outlive their ranch counterparts – and makes for better sales figures.
Oak Hills residents are pursuing this designation in part to prevent damaging projects, such as the widening of Bethany Boulevard. In Oregon, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) decides which properties and districts should be submitted to the National Park Service for consideration in the National Register of Historic Places. However, neighbors in Bohmann Park are still building consensus around seeking historic preservation. The atrium, which serves as the entrance and center of Awe's home, was originally uncovered. Awe has kept her home in its original 1960s style with the exception of a couple of updates, like the interior wood paneling, which she traded for painted walls.Darla Castagno, 75, has lived in Oak Hills for more than 40 years. Radiant floor heat, minimalist design and low-pitch or flat roofs rounded out the Eichler approach. In a Rummer kitchen, 30-inch Formica counters sit below “flying-coffin” cabinets, with shelves that pull out when the cabinet door is opened.
According to realtor Jim Demarco as quoted in The Oregonian, a typical Rummer demands $20,000 to $30,000 more than a similarly sized ranch in the same area. After snow and rain fell into the middle of her home, Awe said, she asked builder Robert Rummer to add a cover. Since then, she's lived in two Oak Hills homes and three years ago began spearheading a project to get the neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places.
Located in Menlo Park in Central Beaverton, minutes from Nike, Intel, and Northwest & Downtown Portland shopping and dining. The living room of a Rummer home usually faces a rear garden and is often adorned with a concrete block or brick fireplace. Awe's home is one of eight that will be featured on a tour of Rummer houses in May, a fundraiser for the neighborhood's nomination to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.BETHANY -- Architecture aficionados will traipse through Oaks Hills next month examining eight homes built by Robert Rummer, known for his distinct, midcentury modern style. Step-down Roman tile showers are also common in Rummer homes, as are mahogany slab interior doors.

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