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In September regular sales went for $111 per square foot, short sale homes went for $84 per square foot and foreclosure houses went for $73 per square foot. Although we’ve had some promising numbers for the Albuquerque real estate market lately, foreclosures are still making up almost a third of our sales. No I don’t, but let me clarify one thing-any home can be a section 8 rental home if the owner agrees to participate in the program. Your best bet would be to contact a property manager who deals in rental properties all the time. My question is more of, is there a limit to the number of section 8 homes a city will allow in any given neighborhood?
When you buy a house, you typically make a deposit and then set up a mortgage amortized over a number of years. Foreclosure is the means by which a lender gets title to a property because of homeowner’s loan default. On the other hand, short sales are properties sold before foreclosure at a discount for the reason that current market value is lesser than the loan amount. This type of distressed property is in relatively better condition, and often repairs are not necessary. Depending on the state a borrower lives in, foreclosure may or may not involve the judicial system. If the home loan’s unpaid balance is not paid off within three months, the mortgage holder gets a notification of sale. When the market value of the property is less than the outstanding mortgage principal, and the borrower cannot afford to pay the loan, the lender (one or more banks) can choose to accept a short sale. For borrowers: The current government is actively trying to halt the tide of foreclosures in the United States.
For Lenders: Lenders participating in the MHA program are required to reduce the mortgage payments in an effort to make payments affordable.
Credit Scores: Neither foreclosures nor short sales offer an advantage over the other in terms of the negative influence on a persona€™s credit score.
Waiting time between mortgages: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines stipulate that a borrower must wait for 5 years before qualifying for any new mortgage following a foreclosure. As a homeowner, if you qualify for aid that will lower your payments, maybe you will be able to avoid a foreclosure.
From the lenders standpoint a short sale might be best because foreclosures might be both costly and time intensive.
Since 2011, Virginia Short Sale Advice has proudly provided any and all Virginia Short Sale related information to those in need. Reviews on Zillow 1931715 "The CAZA Group knows what it takes and has the process in place to sell a house.
AboutSince 2011, VSSA has provided any and all Virginia Short Sale related information to those in need. I’m proud to present my Albuquerque Foreclosure and Short Sale Report for October 2011. The graph below illustrates the ratio of short sales and foreclosure sales to regular sales. In October regular sales averaged $115 per square foot, short sales averaged $86 per square foot and foreclosure sales averaged $71 per square foot. The October sales report for Albuquerque showed a 27% year-to-date increase in closed sales while the average sales price fell 14%.
Foreclosure activity is expected to increase into 2012; in fact an article by RealtyTrac labels Albuquerque as the #1 new-wave foreclosure market. Approximately 15% of homes listed for sale in the Naples area are either foreclosures or short sales (short sales are when the value of the property is less than the mortgage amount owed to the lender). Foreclosures in desirable second-home communities appear sporadically, and if priced at foreclosed values, can turn out to be a really good buy. If you are thinking of a second-home purchase, and want to focus on foreclosures in a desirable Naples second-home community, then your choices will be few and you better bring along your hammer, nails, paintbrush and work crews. Appliances have usually been stripped out by the foreclosed owner, along with any fixtures of value.
If you have the time and sweat equity to bring a foreclosure back to good order, then purchasing a foreclosure could be a very good value.

A short sale is when the home’s value is less than the mortgage amount due a lender and the lender has agreed to accept less for payoff of the existing loan amount.
With short sales the seller does not care what the property is listed at, because at closing they get nothing back. If, for example, it is listed at $200,000 and an offer comes in for $200,000 it is then sent to the lender for their approval. So in this example a buyer puts an offer in at $200,000, the full list price, hoping to purchase, and then finds out four to six weeks later that the lender wants $400,000.  In the meantime, several other properties the buyer had interest in, in the $200,000 price range, have been sold and are no longer available and the buyer has had their deposit tied up in escrow.
With a short sale, neither the seller or the listing agent cares what the property sells for, just that it sells. If a buyer is not willing to wait at least four weeks to hear back on an offer, then there is no sense in submitting an offer on a short sale. With a short sale, the list price is meaningless, as the list price on a short sale has not been set by the party that must approve the offer – the lender. Please call me at 239-776-5077 to discuss what services I offer to my buyer clients who are only interested in Short Sale or Foreclosed properties. Tualatin Real Estate Company, View photos, Property details, Virtual Tours, Custom Map search tool! The information you provide is NEVER sold, leased, traded, swapped, exchanged or bartered to ANYONE!
Areas 92 (Southwest Heights), 110 (Northwest Heights) and 120 (Ventana Ranch) continue to lead the way. Reportedly, new foreclosure processes will be going to effect and I expect banks will be releasing more inventory over the coming months. This is a do follow blog with a little bit of page rank, so your comment will give your website or Facebook page a small boost. The home gets inspected, and assuming it meets minimum standards then HUD pays the difference between what the tenant can pay and what the going rent is. The house is used as collateral and if the homeowner is unable to make monthly mortgage payments, the credit institution has the right to seize the property in order to recoup their losses. The homeowner still has the title but the sale must be endorsed by the bank, who endures a capital loss upon sale. In addition to prices, bank owned properties can be bought much more quickly over a typical short sale made. These foreclosed properties typically sit vacant for weeks or even months, lack regular maintenance, attract squatters as well as copper thieves and need repairs. Following three to six months of missed installments, a loan specialist will record a notification of default, which informs a borrower that he is confronting foreclosure and gives him a reestablishment period to make things right by paying off obligations or settling any dispute. The property is then sold at a trustee sale to the highest bidder, who must pay in real money inside of 24 hours. In a short sale, the proceeds from sale of the property falls short of the mortgage balance, which is one reason lenders may hesitate to accept the offer for a short sale. For this purpose they began the MHA program, which stands for Making Homes Affordable and is an attempt to reduce the mortgage payments on both primary and secondary mortgages. Under this program, lenders can also get up to $ 1,000 in incentives, even without loan modification.
Industry experts along with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae say that this decline in credit ratings will be between 200 and 300 points. Ultimately the impact of your foreclosure to your credit rating and ability to borrow later on is reason to choose the short sale above the foreclosure.
Short sales came in third place with buyers being to negotiate close to 5% off of the list price.
MLS Areas 92 (Southwest Heights), 110 (Northwest Heights), 111 (Ladera Heights), 120 (Ventana Ranch) and 121 (Cottonwood Mall) continue to lead the way with MLS Area 92 having nearly twice the bank owned sales of the other leading areas. I expect to see more of this in upcoming months as buyers looking to cash in on great prices and incredibly low interest rates negotiate aggressively.
This is a do follow blog with a little bit of page rank, so leaving your domain name will give your website or Facebook page a small boost. Foreclosed properties exist throughout the Naples area, but are concentrated mostly in workforce communities such as Golden Gate City and Golden Gates Estates, which account for one-third of the foreclosures.

In some cases a foreclosed property can be in very good condition, particularly recently built properties purchased by investors at peak pricing. The lender is not involved with picking the listing agent, setting the list price, paying expenses or anything else; but the lender must approve the sale, that is the extent of their involvement. Before the lender responds (accepts or rejects the offer), the lender will order two appraisals of the property.
In other words, the four- to six-week process has already occurred with a previous offer that was turned down, so the bank then knows what it is willing to accept.
If it sells in a short sale then the seller avoids foreclosure, and does not get their credit score dinged. Once again, the bank does not own the property, but must approve the offer that gives them less than what is owed.
So an offer needs to be submitted based on a reasonable assessment of the property’s true value, regardless of the list price. This is just one factor that will keep Albuquerque home prices down for the foreseeable future.
If there are usually no other potential buyers, the bank takes the exact property into inventory as real estate owned (REO).
To keep away from the extra cost of the foreclosure process, banks are willing to sell properties at or below market value. The length of the reinstatement period changes by state, with a few states giving borrowers a negligible five days to settle disputes and obligations and others giving up to 90 days.
The opening offer is generally equivalent to the outstanding balance and any extra lawyer charges the bank might have incurred. Any unpaid balance owed to the lenders after a short sale takes place is known as a deficiency. The hope is that more people are able to stay in their homes will be.Those borrowers who are still unable to keep their homes, even with the help of the MHA program can use a short sale as a way to get out from under their obligations to the lender.
To make this possible, the lender must allow a short sale if the borrower prefers this option. Lenders will look more favorably on the borrower that tried to cooperate with the bank (via short sale) than one who just walked away. Industry experts estimate that only 15% of short sales actually sell, the rest end up in foreclosure. If the property appraises at $400,000, then the lender will only accept an offer in the $400,000 price neighborhood.
If a buyer submits an offer less than the bank approved list price, then there is usually a lengthy wait for any type of response – which usually will be NO.
If it forecloses, then the bank picks its own listing agent to get it sold, and the original seller’s listing agent get no compensation for their efforts. That is, an offer is submitted to the seller who had set the list price, as an indication of what they would accept for a sale. Banks are not in the business of property proprietorship nor management, and they are legally obligated to sell off these kinds of non-performing assets.
So, anyone who will buy must find what repairs are essential and invest money and time to fix those difficulties. Short sale agreements are not necessarily borrowers releasing themselves from their obligations to repay any shortcomings of the loans unless explicitly agreed between the parties.
If this was the primary residence of the homeowner, they are not liable for taxes on the forgiven debt, and may even be eligible for a $ 1,500 to help pay for moving expenses. This process usually takes four to six weeks, and during that time the agent will continue to submit other offers that come in on the property. But, the short sale process can be sped up if the sellera€™s agent is experienced in negotiating with the bank and closing short sales. The buyer still has the right to inspect the property, and can cancel the agreement within a certain time frame if the extent of discovered repairs are over and above what was anticipated.

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