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Miami Shores is properly a village in its own right but is part of the community of Miami overall.
This is an upscale, exclusive neighborhood with beautiful views of the Biscayne Bay but it remains popular with the arts and design community.
In fact, at night, one can easily see the skyline of the city illuminated against the horizon.
The location makes it easy to commute anywhere in the city and its feeling of being somewhat apart from the city itself makes it a good place to call home when commuting back in the evening. Whether you are looking for the latest sales, trends or homes for sale in Miami Shores, the Miami Beach Real Estate Blog has great information on our local market.

It was established during the first few waves of suburbanization and, though the city skyline of Miami is visible from this village, it still retains a homey, suburban feel. There are numerous single-family residences available in this neighborhood, many of them at prices which are surprisingly affordable considering the waterfront views and the pleasant and tranquil environs. That is, of course, provided they haven’t turned their head toward the bay and happen to be looking out onto the water. Liberal arts, teacher training, business degrees, nursing and healthcare are all available courses of study at this university.
Homes for sale in Miami Shores comprise all types, from nice, single family residences to very upscale waterfront properties that offer the type of views and lifestyle most people have in mind when they’re considering moving their place of residence to the Miami area.

Browse information on upcoming new Miami construction projects, premier gated communities, waterfront homes, Lofts & Townhomes, foreclosures plus much more. This mix of the urban and a beautiful natural environment is much of the reason that this neighborhood continues to grow in popularity and is also why this neighborhood is a good location for investment property.

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