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Relocating to New York can feel overwhelming; after all, the state is home to the largest city in America. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay out of the rat race, or (cough) just skip the rats, the state is also home to a host of natural splendor and relaxed living environments. When thinking about renting a house, condo, or townhouse in New York City, the first thing to research is price. Because of its prestigious status, renting in New York comes with its own unique circumstances.
Although New York City may sometimes overshadow the rest of the state, New York is home to other attractions. The western borders of the state also offer beaches on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, not to mention the natural wonder of Niagara Falls to the north. When looking for houses for rent in New York, you can find wonderful small towns as well as perhaps the greatest city there is.

New York City is the pinnacle of urban living in America, and the amount of things to do and see in its five boroughs is admired the world over. The city’s long history includes instituting regulations to protect the rights of its residents, and the city even has its own Guide to Housing in New York City. The Adirondack Mountains in the northeast and the Catskill Mountains in the southeast make the state a haven for nature lovers. In fact, not far from the falls, you’ll find Buffalo, a large city with a small-town atmosphere. New York offers both natural splendor and the excitement of living in a city the whole world is watching. No matter what field you may work in, you can be sure NYC is one of the hubs of the industry. With beautiful fall colors, skiing and numerous lakes perfect for boating and swimming, there are great outdoor activities for every season.

Known as the birthplace of the Buffalo wing, Buffalo is home to two major league sports teams: the NFL’s Bills and the NHL’s Sabres. Just be sure to take advantage of opportunities when they arise because there is never a lack of competition here. The subway will take you everywhere, which comes in handy because while you may be able to afford a car, a reserved parking spot can cost as much your house.
The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, Times Square and Wall Street are all here.

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