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The above chart estimates the market value of today's median-priced San Diego, California metropolitan area house from 1987 until present. Latest quarterly, median, existing, single-family home price provided by the National Association of Realtors. The chart on this page estimates the market value of today's median-priced house over time. San Diego Real Estate & Homes for Sale • Alexiou RealtySEARCH SAN DIEGO REAL ESTATE at Alexiou Realty Find all San Diego homes for sale currently listed on MLS database. August 9, 2015 by George Alexiou San Diego Real Estate Median Prices as of July 2015(Point at which half of the sales sold for more and half sold for less, not accounting for seller concessions, in a given month.
The second half of the year is generally slower than the first, but the 2015 market as a whole has shown a willingness to offer greater returns more often than not.
Ever since the Great Recession ended in about June 2009, the market has strengthened to once again become a cornerstone of the national economy.
Residential real estate activity in San Diego County, comprised of single family properties, townhomes and condominiums. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the help you've given us, and for helping us get through these past few months of house hunting. Sign up for our newsletter to get meaningful content, monthly home sale statistics and helpful real estate tips for buying or selling real estate.
The above chart estimates the market value of today's median-priced San Francisco, California metropolitan area house from 1987 until present. This entry was posted in Housing News, Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged home appreciation, San Diego, San Diego home prices, SAn Diego housing market, San Diego real estate market, SFR, single-family homes, U-T San Diego on April 30, 2014 by John A Silva. Per DataQuick, within the month of February 2014, 141 properties were repossessed by banks in San Diego county — which is down from the 252 foreclosures a year ago. This entry was posted in Foreclosure, Housing News, Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, agent for short sale, foreclosures, foreclosures in San Diego county, home prices, how to short sell, mortgage payments, San Deigo county, San Diego foreclosures, San Diego home prices, San Diego short sale, short sale, short sale advice, short sale agent in San Diego, what do I do in case of foreclosure? This entry was posted in Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged home values, housing market in San Diego, San Diego home prices, San Diego market on February 26, 2014 by John A Silva. With the property tax hike for 2014 predicted to be “tiny” because of low inflation, that means a 0.45 percent increase, the county assessor said. Inventory continues to be low, with 6,228 active listings last December 2013, which is down about 620 from November, but up from the 4,636 listed in December 2012.
This entry was posted in Homesellers, Housing News, Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged California median home prices, California real estate, county assessor, home sales, home values, inventory, new construction, property tax, San Diego, San Diego home prices, San Diego home sales, San Diego inventory, San Diego real estate market, taxes on January 16, 2014 by John A Silva. This entry was posted in Housing News, Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged home prices in San Diego, housing market in San Diego, San Diego home prices, San Diego inventory numbers, San Diego real estate market, supply and demand, U-T San Diego on May 2, 2013 by John A Silva.
This entry was posted in Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged current home prices, home values, real estate market, San Diego, San Diego home prices, San Diego real estate, single-family home building, U-T San Diego on March 28, 2013 by John A Silva. In San Diego, rising sales and a smaller inventory of available homes are driving up price.
This entry was posted in Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged home prices in San Diego, housing inventory, real estate prices, rising sales, San Diego Association of Realtors, San Diego home prices, San Diego real estate market, SDAR on March 5, 2013 by John A Silva. This entry was posted in Housing News, Real Estate Market, San Diego and tagged City Heights, College, Data Quick, Del Mar home prices, El Cajon home prices, Escondido, home prices in zip codes, Imperial Beach home prices, La Mesa home prices, Logan Heights, Morena, North Park home prices, Oceanside home prices, San Diego home prices, San Diego real estate market, September real estate market in San Diego, Sign On San Diego, U-T San Diego on October 16, 2012 by John A Silva. As your local real estate adviser in the area of San Diego County with over 23 years of experience, my goal is to provide you with relevant local housing market information, tips, and advice.
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For a Compelling Guide to weaving through ALL the experiences of a hardship with applications for coping personally and with family: having to sell Your Home is unbelievably lightened! Statistics can be an enormously valuable tool for assessing the conditions and trends in the real estate market. At Paragon, we are not immune to the failings that afflict other analysts and commentators, but we try our best to provide straightforward information regarding market conditions, with as much detail and context as possible, so that you can make your own informed decisions.

The links to the upper left will take you to a wide range of analyses, which we try to keep updated. Recent instances of Paragon's market reports being mentioned in the media such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Business Insider, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, New York Times, SF Examiner, SF Business Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, KQED and KGO. The market just begins to wake up in January, so its statistics are not particularly illuminating.
Note: On February 1st, San Francisco’s new short-term residential rental ordinance, the so-called “Airbnb law,” went into effect. After reading our recent reports on new development and factors behind the market, one of our clients suggested graphing out the quantity of new housing built in the city over time.
A previous condo construction boom ran from the end of the 1990’s until 2008, when it crashed for 4 years – and now we’re in the midst of a new boom.Condos built in the last 15 years are selling at higher dollar per square foot values, but average unit sizes have also been getting smaller – and all things being equal (they rarely are), the smaller the unit the higher the per square foot value. As increasing quantities of “luxury” condos come on market in coming years, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts and absorbs the new inventory.
Since 1988, home price appreciation has hugely outpaced CPI inflation, though as seen below, the difference can swing dramatically depending on the exact point within a financial cycle.On a cash investment basis, if you had put $100,000 down on a $500,000 home purchase with a 30-year loan in 1988, by the end of 2014, per the Case-Shiller Index, your home would be worth approximately $1,900,000. We just updated our semi-annual breakdown of SF home values by property type, bedroom count and neighborhood.
This graph from our updated report on market seasonality measures the ebb and flow of buyer demand as compared to the supply of homes available to purchase. This chart is from our January Commercial Brokerage report on Bay Area investment real estate. These analyses were made in good faith with data from sources deemed reliable, but they may contain errors and are subject to revision.
Prior to any autumn rate increases, there is a fair chance of increased buyer activity over the next few months. The property type that lost the least inventory was the Single-Family Homes segment, where it decreased 18.1 percent. Better lending standards, lower oil prices and higher wages are a few of the catalysts for positive change. It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.
It’s also the lowest amount of February foreclosures since 2006 (when only 40 properties were repossessed by banks).
This 10% increase hasn’t been a big jump, but rather a gradual increase over the past eight months.
Here’s a closer look at the ZIP codes that saw the biggest price jumps when comparing total sales in September 2011 to sales last month.
However, they are also among the most misused, misquoted and misunderstood "facts" we are bombarded with. Having a sense of the longer-term cycles in financial and real estate markets is also helpful: markets neither go up forever or down forever -- it's amazing how often this simple fact is forgotten in the drama of the moment. In San Francisco, every month sees a relatively small number of relatively unique properties sell. The last 3 springs in San Francisco saw frenzied markets, which took its home values to new heights. In order to legally rent out your home for less than 30 days, there are a number of requirements pertaining to registration, insurance, advertising and taxes, as well as limitations on such rentals. Looking only at the 4th quarter of 2014, house and condo median prices climbed to all-time highs of $1,125,000 and $999,250 respectively, and the TIC median price increased to $829,500. Based on census figures, the resulting (very approximate) chart illustrates the decline in new-home construction in the 1980’s and 1990’s, which helped exacerbate our current housing crunch. And now a big topic in development is building urban “micro-units” of 250 to 350 square feet.
After deducting 7% closing costs and paying off the remaining loan balance, your $100,000 down-payment turned into approximately $1.65 million in proceeds (if you didn’t continually refinance out your growing equity to buy new toys).

Below are the tables for 3-bedroom houses and 2-bedroom condos while the full report can be found here.
For the last 3 years, spring has been the highest demand season of the market, leading to significant home price appreciation. The full report has further detail on average rent rates and trends, and other apartment building financials. Statistics are generalities and how they apply to any specific property is unknown without a tailored comparative market analysis.
For the 12-month period spanning August 2014 through July 2015, Pending Sales in San Diego County were up 8.3 percent overall. The price range that tended to sell the quickest was the $500,001 to $750,000 range at 38 days; the price range that tended to sell the slowest was the $1,250,001 Or More range at 65 days. This is actually a good thing, because everyone’s tax bill will remain below increasing values. Median and average values often disguise an enormous disparity of values among the underlying individual home sales in the data set, and how they apply to any particular property is impossible to say without a specific comparative market analysis (CMA). Even then, it can be difficult to read the tea leaves of exactly what is happening or starting to happen on the street. Generally speaking, you would do as well or better just flipping a coin: Think of the years of pundit projections prior to the 2008 financial and real estate markets meltdown.
None of our charts are created automatically by computer: all the data is personally investigated and vetted for anomalies before being charted. While waiting to see what develops in 2015, this report will drill down on other angles of our distinctive real estate market.
Marina-style and Edwardian flats), views (most likely in high-rises), amenities (security, gyms, outdoor space, etc.) and neighborhood ambiance (Russian Hill vs.
The trailing inflation-adjusted prices are then derived by adjusting the nominal prices by the CPI-U Research Series Using Current Methods. The price range with the largest gain in sales was the $500,001 to $750,000 range, where they increased 22.9 percent. Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, has predicted a fine-tuning of monetary policy by the end of the year.
Computerized algorithms (Case-Shiller, Zillow) are not as flawless as they are presented to be by the media. To value a specific property, an analysis crafted to its exact location, condition, circumstances and amenities, is required. Especially since closed sales data is typically 4 to 8 weeks behind the time offers are actually negotiated. When we do make tentative predictions of future trends, it is based upon what appears to us to be overwhelming supply-and-demand conditions and decades of experience in San Francisco Bay Area real estate.
Condos now dominate SF home sales and will continue to do so with the many new-condo projects being built. Although the data may be indicating otherwise on a macro level, mortgage applications have kept REALTORS® busy through summer. It is widely believed that interest rates will go up before the year is over, an indicator that the housing market is ready for such a move. TIC sales are down almost 60% from 2007, probably due to financing conditions and changes in condo conversion and tenant eviction laws. Within San Francisco itself, distinct neighborhood markets often move in different directions at varying speeds. This is an excellent example of an "expert" who became attached to the anti-optimism position for which he became famous in 2008.

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