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Property will sell subject to confirmation unless other announcements are made; furthermore, bidders must register prior to bidding by downloading the FREE BIDDING APP. System testing: Auctioneers have the right to implement system testing to insure the highest and best possible (UX) user experience during the competitive bid period. Special Conditions of Sale may be appended prior to final bids in which will be incorporated as a part of this sale without notice.
Title Commitment: Title transfer will be subject to normal standards with the issuance of title policies with provided exceptions listed within the policy as issued by the title insurer.
But if space is really tight at your house read our DIY guide to creating a window garden and our special article about rooftop gardens. Today’s lust for outdoor living has seen the birth of massive outdoor settings, but bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to outdoor furniture.
Parking your car on the lawn can be one of the fastest ways to kill it, but a new invisible grass paving product has changed that so you could turn your car accommodation into lovely lawn. It’s hard to beat the taste of homegrown vegetables – and if you have kids, it could entice them to eat healthy food.
Cool Season (below 20 degrees C): broad beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, peas, spinach and turnips. Intermediate Season (15 – 25 degrees C): beetroot, carrot, parsnip, celery, leek, lettuce, radish, silver beet.
Warm Season (above 20 degrees C): beans, capsicum, eggplant, potato, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomato and cucurbits (including cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins etc). Planting a herb garden is a great way to enjoy fresh herbs without having to use too much space. Fruit trees are another great addition to the small backyard as they can grow in pots or in the ground, and they won’t take up too much room with regular pruning. Or if you are prone to plant allergies read our allergy guide so you can plant a garden that’s kind to your nose. Large pavers will make a small courtyard look bigger; and filling the gaps between the pavers with decorative grass creates an extra design feature. Many of us would like to cool down in a pool during the hotter weather, but smaller backyards are not ideal for a pool, especially if you have children who need to run around. It doesn’t matter how small your garden is, even a small water feature will reflect the garden’s surroundings, giving the illusion of more space.
30th April, 2015 - How do you design a new home or renovation when your best view is in the wrong direction? Woodland House at 610 Fulton Avenue sits on over one acre of property in the center of Falls Church City. Neighbors are concerned that, since the house sits on one of the few large residential tracts remaining in Falls Church City, the property could be subdivided into standard lots. In the petition, the neighbors call on City Hall to preserve both the historic home and poplar tree, establishing an official position, either by legislation or resolution, against development of the property.
The owner of Woodland House also owned several adjacent properties, which together would make a very large tract, ominously attractive to a developer.
Why don’t the 70 signatories form an LLC, pony up some cash and submit the highest bid?
If the house was encumbered by a historical designation when they bought it then I could see some limits being placed on what can be done. The property is within the City’s historic preservation ordinance for all residential properties built prior to 1911. It can not be torn down without a HARB review and approval for cause within the criteria identified by the Historic Preservation Ordinance. If we keep on destroying part of this city’s historic character, we shall surrender completely to developers bent on further urbanizing this lovely little city. I doubt the sellers have much interest in promoting the sale to someone who would keep, and renovate, the house. In my old neighborhood in Arlington (corner of Fillmore Street and 24th Street) near Woodmont School and Spout Run Parkway, a large parcel of green was threatened when a longtime owner died. For the Fellows house, which Victoria mentions is about 2 acres – what does zoning allow for redevelopment?
The Schefer Schools existed in Falls Church in the old house and I believe Alexandria for many years. Andy, your house should have a plaque on it stating that it is certified with an historic registry number.
The HARB’s role is to protect and advise sensitve renovations of historic properties. So did the HARB pay for the cost of the new roof – or they just issued a citation that required the owner to put it on? So maybe the only way demolition would be permitted at this point would be if the house didn’t find a buyer at a market price after being listed for one year?

Too bad about the house’s deterioration, this property has been one of my favorite Falls Church homes for 15+ years. Equally tough is the overwhelming likelihood that the heirs can do anything they want with the property, neighbors and HARB notwithstanding. But they were also privately owned, and despite a zillion signatures, front page Washington Post Metro stories, tv bits, and protests all the way to the FFX Board of Supervisors, the property heirs nevertheless sold to the highest bidder, in both cases developers. If there is any good news thus far in this story it is that on April 15 the Virginia Supreme Court denied Anton Schefer’s challenge to amendments to the Falls Church City Code limiting the height of residential buildings on substandard lots.
I contacted Auctions by Hartman and was told that their auction is only for the personal contents of the house, not the house itself.
The personal representative for the estate is listed in the Arlington County probate court records, available on-line at no charge. I was able to get some intel on this sale and we need to act very fast or this property will be gone forever and replaced with lots of new development. I have faith in our city government but we need them to pass a city ordinance that this property cant be torn down. Could the City really pass an ordinance to limit the value the current owners could get from this property? I drove by today and noticed that they had cleared out almost all vegetation around the property.
Falls Church Times, Falls Church, VA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
When buying commercial real estate, the main importance is seeing a return on that investment, as why would you buy something to lose money rather than make it?
When looking to invest in commercial real estate in Baton Rouge, you can be assured that this is a city and state on an economic upward trajectory, and below we use cold hard data to tell you why. Why Buying Commercial Real Estate in Baton Rouge is a Smart Investment: Businesses thrive here. Just last week Louisiana was ranked as having the fourth best business climate in the nation. The forecast is in for the metro Baton Rouge area and it calls for 15,100 jobs and over $8 billion in commercial real estate construction projects over the next two years. Whether you are buying, selling, building or loaning money for commercial real estate in Baton Rouge, and across the nation, you saw major activity in 2015. The 2016 Dodge Construction Outlook was just released and spoke to continued growth, projecting that office, shopping center, warehouse and hotel construction will increase 11% next year, up from the 4% gain estimated for 2015.
Buying commercial real estate in Baton Rouge, or any location in the world, can be a very complicated process. Published November 15, 2013 at 500 × 375 in Terrific Estate Auction at Yoap’s Auction Gallery in Stiles Junction! A buyer’s premium of 10% of the highest bid price will be paid to the auctioneer, non-refundable, due at the time of sale. The seller hereby activates the liberty of bidding; in addition, the seller may authorize the auctioneer to accept bids until their reserve has been meet, or accept a lower than reserve amount when authorized by the seller. If any bidders have questions about registration, bid procedures do not hesitate to call the administration office about technical operations or bid procedures.
It is the intent of the seller to transfer property with marketable title with permitted exceptions. He holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation and is also a member of Certified Auctioneer Institute. Many small 2-seater settings are available, but if you need to seat more people, use bench seats around a standard table to seat more people.
Grass paving enables living turf to bear traffic, so you can make the most of your small backyard with this option. You just need a big pot, which sits in a sunny position, filled with potting mix (ideally with a slow-release fertiliser); plant seedlings or seeds into moist soil and harvest when the herbs are full of leaves.
Depending on the orientation of the pavers and the position of the viewer, the pattern can make an area seem larger or smaller. In addition, the property contains a dramatic poplar tree that is at least 100 years old and which occupies virtually the entire southwest corner, or about one-quarter acre. A number of us were involved in an older house located on Broad Street and Fairfax just below The Falls Church. Fellows sits on roughly one-third of an acre, so the plot across from TJ could conceivably hold at least 4-6 single-family homes. I think I heard the developer had submitted a proposal but had included use of the little alley as part of the offset. So, before investing, you carefully consider two things: (1) What you want to buy, and (2) where. It’s a rule we all know, as no one wants to be stuck with a shiny, new commercial real estate asset on a street full of shuttered windows and closed businesses.

All industry insiders know that jobs are closely tied to CRE activity, and with employment set to rise, you can bet that those $8 billion in construction projects will be occupied in no time.
The two metro areas are on course to eventually become a single metropolitan statistical area (MSA). With commercial real estate investing at an all time high, one would think the market would start to even out, or maybe even start to plummet, but that’s not the case.
So, armed with this knowledge it’s clear that now is the time to invest, and Baton Rouge is the place to do it. Things that seem straightforward sometimes aren’t and things that seem to be a hindrance from choosing a particular asset could be an advantage with the right counsel. Contact one of them today with any questions you may have and start seeing the returns in a market that will make sure to give today, tomorrow and for the extended future.
Buyer’s and Seller’s shall sign purchase and sale agreements subject to terms and the buyer’s shall make a 20% Deposit that is required at time of BID AWARD. The liberty of bidding under the reservation of the sellers extends to all qualified and registered bidders in a competitive fashion to reach the highest acceptable bid.
Bidding platforms are informative only and all bidders should verify any information listed. In the event that marketable title is not available, buyers should investigate announcements made prior to the sale of each property. Not only can you seat two or more to a seat, but also the seats won’t crowd the look of the table – you could even slide them under the table when they’re not in use, to hide them from view. Some spas cater for those who want to swim and have jets of water shooting out at one end so you can swim against the flow.
The owner is elderly and in poor health, with her only living relative being a nephew who is a developer. There are certain markets that will typically always provide returns on an investment, such as New York, San Francisco and Miami, but with big markets comes big price tags. It’s an area that has seen unbelievable economic development over the past few years, and is on course to expand even further. So, when investing in any sort of CRE, it’s important to do some research and ensure that sound economic conditions not only exist, but are set to strengthen. This is a huge leap forward for Baton Rouge’s economic development, as joining Louisiana’s two largest cities means competing on a national level. The point is, whatever CRE investment you choose to make, do it with a licensed professional.
All sales must close within 30 days of auction ending subject to closing costs and other terms and conditions. Property may be sold prior to the posted ending time without notice; your maximum offer is encouraged for the better bidder results and may be submitted prior tothe sale date with no guarantee of obtaining a contract price, subject to terms of the buyers guarantee.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to purchase an owner title policy or lender’s title policy with all costs to be assessed to the buyer.
The great Wollenberg House on Lincoln was also saved by the family and sold to a new family that has occupied it for a couple of decades. And when the IB program was introduced in 1981, local real estate and businesses flourished. It WAS developed as a mansion, but at least this enabled much of the greenery to be retained and the density to be preserved. Unfortunately the house isn’t much of a jewel except to the most enthusiastic of renovators with deep pockets. In this article you will see why buying commercial real estate in Baton Rouge is a very safe and smart investment. This training integrated with social media applications allows buyers and sellers to access highly visible results. Strategically placed (non-spreading) bamboo, which grows vertically and fits into small spaces, makes a great natural privacy shield or you could use lattice with climbers, such as a passionfruit vine, to protect yourself from prying eyes. It has continued despite a temporary recession which we have conquered in the past in this education city. Enjoy the peacefulness of this charming county by being the proud owner of a piece of fine South Georgia acreage.
Buyer is subject to closing coordination fees, administrative or other closing costs to be paid at the time a final HUD is derived by closing agent. Closing costs may include but are not limited to attorney fees, taxes, title insurance, closing coordination, escrow fees, inspection reports, appraisals or other costs associated with the sale.

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