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Immaculately maintained 3 BR, 2 BA home with an attached 1 BR, 1 BA apartment with full kitchen (2000) accessible from both inside the home or through private entrance. Wonderful work grabbing another property to market, hope it moves quickly with a few referrals too.
This website was created by the Palm Springs Realtors Association to showcase just a few of the luxury homes in our area. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes.

Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.
Hopefully Canadians and visitors from other areas of the country can get a glimpse of what Palm Springs has to offer.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Optimal outdoor space with a spacious patio, tiki hut and garden overlooking the wide deep water canal.

Done up in modern minimalist furniture, with a nice backyard and rain forests surrounding from everywhere, this house is guarded well with stone walls and gravel courtyards.

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