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Backyards and front yards are often underutilized because people forget about the outdoor portion of their home or there isn’t much to do if they actually went out in the yard.
Call Texas Concept today to speak to a qualified representative about your San Antonio patio.
Stop by our office to speak with a person face to face and understand how you can fit a patio into your budget. San Antonio homeowners don’t have to pay anything until we finish the job, putting all the risk on us to complete the patio in a professional and efficient manner. Ask our past customers how satisfied they are with our work, and give Texas Concept a call to take the first step in creating the best patio in your neighborhood. Talk to a Texas Concept representative today and learn how we can take car of your home improvement project, creating a welcoming space for friends and family to enjoy. Find real estate, homes for sale, properties for rent, school and neighborhood information and much more. Many Lennar communities are near our area military bases in San Antonio: Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, and Randolph Air Force Base. Remuda Ranch is a community of new homes located just down the street from Government Canyon State Natural Area. No one in San Antonio can provide the same quality, design assistance and professionalism that I can bring to your home or business.
Custom Metal Carport And Porch Addition South San Antonio Customer requested a 31?x20? metal carport attached to home. Commercial Carport Awning Fence Naco Perrin North San Antonio  Commercial Customer requested a metal awning and carport where their delivery trucks could pull in and be free from the elements. This custom created attached carport was the brain child of a man in love with his classic cars.
Custom Metal 2.5 Carport South San Antonio For this structure, we had to remove the existing structure and rebuild.
Custom Attached Carport Southeast San Antonio   Customer requested a simple lean-to carport to be attached to home. Two Car Attached  Carport North San Antonio  This 25?x25? carport was built at the request of the homeowner and left unpainted for them to complete.
Detached Custom White Carport Leslie Road San Antonio Custom painted to match trim of home 20?20 simple lean to all steel carport.

Attached Lean To Carport Wilson County Customer requested attached carport for protection for both of their vehicles. Metal Two Car Carport North Central San Antonio  This Metal Carport was added to a pre-existing concrete slab. Porch Addition and Carport South San Antonio  This customer requested a porch addition to be tied in with the carport. Custom Arched Carport with Decals Bulverde TX  This monster structure has so many dimensions to it! Attached Two Post Custom Two Car Carport South San Antonio  5?x5? posts were used for this custom two car 20?x20? carport. Your new carport will provide a comfortable a safe place to keep your car cool from the sun and protect the paint from the elements.
Our design incorporates low maintenance, long-lasting materials and are hand-crafted to add class, elegance and sophistication to any setting. A carport is one of the most affordable and functional additions you can make to your home or business. Parties and get togethers are difficult to enjoy if there is no place to sit or place tables on a sturdy surface. The patios are designed to hold large groups of people and expand the possibilities with your yard. Texas Concept is your go-to company for San Antonio patios, and people love working with us.
Feel free to visit our Contact page to send us any questions you may have about the process. Look at the past jobs we have worked on, and understand the best way to increase the value of your home with a great patio. You can ask for changes throughout the project or discuss any concerns you may have with the patio. You are also in luck if you are searching for San Antonio townhomes or row homes in San Antonio. Are you looking for a high quality yet reasonably priced carport to protect your car or truck?
Our carports, patio covers, awnings and other structures are an easy, affordable way to make a statement to your home or business.

From reducing the heat in your car to providing protection for your car’s exterior, you can’t beat the dollar to value ration of a well-built carport. How can you ensure a great atmosphere in your yard and improve the value of your home without breaking the bank with a huge addition? Make it easier to hold parties and place plants on the patio without digging up your entire yard.
Everything is transparent, and we pride ourselves in helping San Antonio residents create the patio of their dreams without the expensive costs or stressful timeframes.
I have been building custom carports covers in San Antonio and surrounding areas for over 20 years. A quality carport, awning or patio cover will provide many years of shade and protection if designed and installed correctly.
It’s simple, sturdy and will last for years without rotting or blowing away in the next big storm. Don’t throw away money on one of those aluminum carports that blow away in the first good wind.
I have been building custom awnings, carports & patio covers in San Antonio and surrounding areas for over 20 years. To ensure long life and a sturdy structure we cement footings and the post holes were dug 2 feet into the ground. We can help you come up with ideas and solutions for your carport needs.  Even though we don’t get many cold days here in SA  with his new carport he won’t have to scrape anymore windshields.
We can customize the colors of the posts and the panes to achieve any look you are looking for. Low overhead (home based business) and my long relationship with steel and panel providers in San Antonio, make it very difficult for others to compete with my quality and prices. Low overhead (home based business) and my long relationship with steel and panel providers in San Antonio, make it very difficult for others to compete with my quality and price.

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