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ORANGE COUNTY FLORIDA CLERK OF COURT SEARCH RECORDSfin des soldes hiver 2012 paris Orders of. History Orange County's court facilities have been overwhelmed by the exploding area growth and the concurrent growth in demand for judicial services.
Design The complex includes a 23-level courthouse tower, stands 416 feet high, and has over 965,000 square feet of interior space.

The resulting overcrowding and dispersion of court-related agencies have seriously hindered the efficiency, security, and integrity of the courts.
High-volume courts, Clerk of the Courts, and the jury assembly area are located in the tower's four-story base. In an attempt to address these and other concerns, a courthouse facility was opened in 1997 to accommodate Orange County's current and future judicial needs.

The courthouse is flanked by two buildings occupied by the Public Defender, Building A, and the State Attorney, Building B.

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