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I did do a little thing and then I edited the sentence for clarity and I thought I deleted it. It’s a lovely home the bathroom and kitchen are beautiful and the porches perfection. There was a time when I did not care for Victorian style homes, but I have since come to love them.
One of the real estate searches I have bookmarked is for houses in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania.
Ha ha ha, exactly Joanna ?? Julia is excellent at helping me invest my excess millions in some great properties lol. I always thought it was a way to control airflow in homes in the winter– the door can be closed to keep cold drafts from wafting upstairs. My friend, Alan, + I used to drive to Valley Forge, PA once a year for the fantastic Market Square wholesale show. My brother and sister-in-law live in an old farmhouse in Michigan and their house has those same doors at the bottom of the stairs. My husband has family in Doylestown and every time we visit them, I drag him on a walk through the town to stare at all the lovely houses.

Wish I’d been smart enough to marry someone with family who lived in a town like this. If I am looking at it right, it looks like they used a floor shelf unit and mounted it upside down above the toilet.
Unfortunately, in Fountainville, PA they recently tore down a beautiful 19th century home to make room for a strip mall. Although Victorian isnt my favorite style, I could see myself sitting on one of those lovely porches.
I can imagine it decorated lodge- style and with a big, real Christmas tree near the main staircase. It’s quite exhausting, really, FALLING in love, every time, I click on to your gorgeous blog!!
They even have a phone on the wall in the kitchen and silverware stored in glasses on the table. Very beautiful, although I agree with the poster above – that fireplace would probably look better with paint. It is one of those moments that I feel doubly bad for not being able to have purchased the house.

However, they are priced out of my range forever, so I’ll never be able to live in or one. The gardens should be a blend of elegant and simple to show off the house, but it looks like they hired Home Depot to plop in a few boring shrubs :o( . As to the landscape, I am guessing old and failing was pulled out and new plunked in which can be verrry expensive if done in full size.
Also, the house lines are on display… and if a Farm there is little time to care for fussy garden beds too, unless you have staff.
And this country farmhouse--a vacation rental near Franklin, Tennessee--looks like a lovely place to… Are you hooked on houses? Check the listing with Michael Richardson of Kurfiss-Sotheby’s for more photos and information.Hooked on Old Stone Houses? Check out this 215… Are you hooked on houses?

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