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Looking for nursing homes, rehabilitation or skilled nursing communities near Fort Wayne, Indiana? Accepting Medicare, Managed Care and Private Insurances, our specialists will help you understand your benefits.
Call and ask for a member of our admissions team for more senior living information or stop by and visit. Our Moving Forward program is designed for those striving to restore abilities lost due to stroke, cardiovascular difficulties, orthopedic surgery and other debilitating conditions. Physical Therapy focuses primarily on independent mobility, regaining strength and balance, using proper body mechanics and energy saving techniques to better perform mobility tasks. Occupational Therapy promotes independence with daily living activities like bathing, eating, dressing, self-care and home management tasks. Exclusively at American Senior Communities, the Road to Recovery program offers the opportunity for our interdisciplinary team, the patient, and their family to meet within the first 72 hours after admission to map out their Road to Recovery by identifying discharge goals. Upscale benefits in our Moving Forward Wing (at selected locations) include private suites, exclusive dining area and courtyard, electric beds, spacious living rooms, elegant family lounge area, cable TV and phones.
Services include wound care, rehabilitation screenings, fall prevention, restraint reduction, restorative nursing, contracture management, wheelchair position and mobility, and walking ability programs.
The physical and emotional struggles that can accompany a debilitating injury or illness can deprive many seniors of the quality of life they’ve earned. Long Term Care is a great option for those who can no longer be cared for at home due to illness, injury, frailty, or other limitations.
Respite stays are an option for those who need respite care for elderly friends or family on a short term basis.
Hospice and palliative care for seniors is designed to provide comfort, care and pain relief for those facing terminal illness. 97% Agree that they are satisfied with the assistance provided for the residents’ personal hygiene. Coventry Meadows in Fort Wayne offers a full continuum of housing and healthcare solutions designed to accommodate a diversity of lifestyle choices and healthcare needs. Overlooking Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve and conveniently located with easy access to I-69 and I-469, Coventry Meadows is just minutes from Lutheran Hospital, Frontier, Village of Coventry, and the Jefferson Pointe shopping area.
Click here to learn more about Coventry Meadows Assisted Living, Garden Homes, Memory Care Assisted Living and New Energy Wellness.
While a cure for Alzheimer’s disease does not yet exist, many options are available that enable those with the disease or other forms of memory loss to enjoy a quality of life.
Our Auguste’s Cottage is a structured, research-based program utilizing the social model philosophy of care.
Compassionate, friendly, patient and knowledgeable are just a few ways to describe the Auguste’s Cottage caregivers. The dignity and individual expression of each resident is ensured through providing excellent healthcare, a secure and comforting environment, a clear understanding of memory issues, and a strong compassion for those we serve.

Call and ask for a member of our admissions team for more information or stop by and visit. We understand that the road to recovery does not end once our participants have returned home. 97% Agree that communications regarding the resident’s medical needs and care are satisfactory.
97% Agree that they are overall satisfied with the quality of care provided to the residents. Therapy may include muscle retraining, compensatory strategies, and use of communication devices. We monitor our rehabilitation outcomes and use the data to consistently improve our services. Add this to our highly successful New Energy Wellness (at selected locations) strength building and aerobic conditioning program, and you have an incredible combination that will truly help you move forward! Our Skilled Nursing Care is designed to provide compassionate senior medical care to those recovering from stroke, heart attack, orthopedic conditions or other disabilities.
Under the guidance of an attending physician, long term senior care is provided at our long term care facilities by licensed nurses, specially trained health care aide and a full interdisciplinary care team. This allows home caregivers the ability to travel, start a new job, recuperate from an illness, or pursue other interests.
We partner with Hospice companies to offer comprehensive hospice services including skilled nursing care, respite care, spiritual and bereavement counseling, medical equipment and supplies, social services, and pharmacy services. Our small town senior care community in Fort Wayne, Indiana will make you feel at home; you can feel it the minute you walk in and meet our staff. Our trained staff offer senior rehabilitation and skilled nursing services and will enable you to maintain the quality of life you are accustomed to while providing for your senior healthcare needs.. It’s easy to find something to do and you will feel at ease knowing there is an accessible local hospital and other services. The progression of Alzheimer’s and the symptoms that accompany it often make it difficult for family members to continue care at home. We care for our residents by making them feel at home, rather than in an institutional setting. We pride ourselves in being selective and hire only the best professionals and provide them with on-site training and education in memory impairment.
It is our goal to make sure each participant has access to everything they need to continue to be successful in their independent lifestyle. Our goal is to return our participants home safely with the skills they need to continue life on their own terms. In-home assessments are performed by the therapy team prior to discharge to ensure a safe transition back to home. We’ve built a team of geriatric nursing specialists who have developed unique protocols and procedures for caring for the elderly through short-term or extended care, encompassing the physical and emotional well-being of each resident.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies are also available to ensure our long term health care residents function at the highest level of independence as possible.
By putting together an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, aides, volunteers, social workers and clergy, we can serve the needs of our Hospice patients and their families. They are experts at senior healthcare who are not just doing a job, but following a calling.
Under the guiding hands of our trained Memory Care Facilitators, we pledge to give each resident the highest quality of care possible. Summit City Nursing and Rehabilitation has easy access to many roadways in Fort Wayne- Coliseum Boulevard, Lima Road, Clinton Street, State Boulevard, as well as Highway 69. Prior to discharging home, our therapists complete a home evaluation with the patient to ensure that they can successfully navigate their home environment.
Through intense focus in this area, we’ve developed a structured environment that serves residents through individualized attention provided by compassionate caregivers in home-like living conditions.
Stimulating daily activities are offered and encouraged to sustain independence and promote a healthy spirit. Once they are ready, our Social Services team then coordinates home healthcare and facilitates any home health equipment needs based on therapy recommendations. Our caring and compassionate staff members are here to help you and your family find answers, solutions and peace of mind.
We carefully examine the needs of our respite guests and provide the level of care required to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. In fact, they become an extension of your family as you navigate the senior healthcare landscape.
We are also close to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and several parks, including Johnny Appleseed Memorial Park, Bob Arnold Northside Park and Vesey Park. The concept of the cottage is to focus on maintaining a secure, home- like environment where residents have a sense of belonging. A few of our local landmarks are Lakeside Golf and Bowling, Glenbrook Square and Jefferson Pointe.
Seniors will feel safe and at home with our personalized rehabilitation, nursing, long-term, respite and hospice care programs. We surround residents with artwork and special personal items from their past to help foster a sense of belonging and cultivate feelings of security. The specially designed, uncomplicated floor plan allows residents to stay oriented and move around more easily by offering strong visual cues. Some locations offer multiple centers designed to fit the needs of our residents through each stage of their journey.

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