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Today’s modular homes offer more variety, quality, and value to builders and home buyers than ever before!
An offshoot of S-AR, Comunidad Vivex aims to combat the shortage of high-quality affordable housing in Mexico by helping low-income construction workers create and customize their own homes. The emphasis on simple materials—concrete blocks and slabs, plywood, glass, and wooden bars—as well as the reduction in labor meant the house was relatively affordable. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Often overshadowed in the prefab debate by their sexier cousin, the modular home, manufactured homes are not usually synonymous with sustainability or style.
Simple, purposeful, ecological and crafted, HOM houses are meant as secondary residences; a HOM away from home to which busy urbanites can escape in style. Delivered to your site by biodiesel fuel-powered trucks, the axle and wheels remain in place under each HOM allowing your warm, modern pied-a-terre to be moved in the future.
Our top picks are the Alkira chair constructed from woven leather ropes or belts from old sewing machines and the LED Thuma table lamp that can last about 24 hours on one 8-hour charge. I thank you for the opportunity to mail me information to be able to buy from you a house of 100 m2 to be transported to veracruz mexico , if possible. I understand using recycled products are costly, but $200.00 a square foot is overpriced, especially when you figure in land, a general contractor to level and build the deck, plus shipment of the home. I'm a huge fan of pre-fab and modular and I think it's great this site promotes the vision, but there is one glaring issue I have with this industry.
Not only do most of us need better quality, greener urban housing stock, we don't all have the budget for a country cabin!
Don't the site owners realize the immense amount of material-energy cost needed to produce a product, especially architectural structure? New mexico modular homes manufactured homes, New mexico modular manufactured homes palm harbor homes, affordable housing solution mexico.
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Victorian modular homes - modular info., Modular homes manufactured homes mobile homes modular home plans modular home mobile home prefabricated homes manufactured housing mobile homes. Modular homes - manufactured home source, Modular homes modular home dealers modular homes, dealers builders modular homes, dealers builders pages provide descriptions modular homes. Here is an incredibly thoughtful and tasteful complete remodel of a 1920s bungalow in the heart of Santa Fes Historic Eastside. LUSH, VERDANT COURTYARD WITH A FOUNTAIN AND MATURE LANDSCAPING IS WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS OASIS OF CALM IN FASHIONABLE ALDEA DE SANTA FE. Featured in the New York Times March 20,2016 this Elegant Pueblo style Adobe Estate is in central Corrales on 1.2 manicured acres with pool.
A long, deep portal with over 1,200 square feet invites you home to this contemporary sanctuary. More than 13 acres of La Tierras dramatic high-desert terrain is the backdrop for the estate, which enjoys sweeping mountain vistas to the north and west.

Not only is this striking metal-sided house a beautiful example of prefab architecture — it was also designed not just for the people who reside there, but also for their animals! The owners of the house, a retired anthropologist and concert pianist have a love of animals, including many dogs, cats and strays that find their way into their heart. The chain link easily fits in with the metal siding, and viewed in a certain light it could be considered a prefabricated system.
Modular homes greatly increase the  quality, while reducing the inefficiencies of site-built construction, such as labor shortages, weather delays, unpredictable material costs and lengthy building times. Modular construction also allows for the building AND the site work to be completed simultaneously, reducing the overall completion schedule by as much as 50%. Modern manufactured homes are produced in a wide variety of styles and floor plans, and come with many of the same options and amenities as comparable site built homes. All technicians, craftsmen and assemblers work as a team and are professionally supervised, the inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage, and all construction materials, as well as interior finishes and appliances, are purchased in volume for additional savings. Giant high-tech fixtures and jigs guarantee perfect corners, true walls, and tolerances that are by the book. But now, thanks to S-AR Architecture and the nonprofit social housing project Comunidad Vivex, the Galvans have their very own two-level, concrete-block house, which could serve as a model for affordable and sustainable housing in Mexico and beyond. These masons build dwellings for other people but rarely can afford a permanent roof themselves. HOMs offer urban amenities and contemporary design blended with rustic touches and sustainable materials.
Once it arrives, you can fill your HOM with sustainable seating, dining tables, beds, lighting, textiles and accessories. With this modern take on the mobile home, you can literally escape in style to the desert for a few years, then move HOM Sweet Home to the sea when the whim takes you. The owners of the home wanted a safe haven for their many animals that would protect them from local predators, so the home was designed with special areas just for pets. Their land, which is located in northwest New Mexico not far from Georgia O’Keefe’s famous home, is home to lots of wildlife, including hawks, eagles, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. Easily sourced and inexpensively manufactured, the chain link comes in many sizes, can be rolled out to desired sizes, serves as protection for open spaces and creates texture against the metal siding.
Also I need to know up to how many beds and baths you can put in for a very inexpensive price,I need a home that all the verandas and balconies are also caged in completely nothing can be left open. Modular homes are also built using state-of-the-art technology in a factory setting while using the same materials as site-built homes. Using state-of-the-art construction techniques and technologies, manufactured homes are built in a controlled-environment setting, allowing for maximum quality control during the construction process. A sliver of unbuilt land was left for a side yard that offers ventilation, natural light through floor-to-ceiling doors, and excess space for internal activities to spill out onto the gravel.
S-AR offered templates for room designs and layouts, which the Galvans could use or improve upon depending on their household needs. The fundamental skills in designing and manufacturing these homes are encouraging, but the context is just bad design and definitely not green. Located in the New Mexico desert on the Rio Chama, the Abiquiu House by Anderson Anderson Architecture also utilizes a number of energy and resource-efficient construction techniques. The native wildlife doesn’t differentiate between a domesticated pet and prey, so the couple wanted to make sure their animals would be safe.
Other prefabricated systems for the house include the use of SIP panels for the walls and prefabricated trusses for the roof and floors.
I have 4 kids but my 9 year old daughter has down syndrome and so i need a home that is 100% fail proof!i also loved the Anti Zombi home a combo of these two homes would be stellar.
With the same plans being constantly built, the manufacturer has records of exactly what quantity of materials is needed for a given job.

In many ways, manufactured homes and site built homes have become virtually identical in looks, quality and comfort.The manufactured housing industry is also leading the way on energy efficiency and green building construction.
In addition, the homes are engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency based on the geographic region in which they are sold.
It’s a place where teams of skilled workers efficiently combine their energies to build a quality home in a timely fashion.
By offering training along the way, the nonprofit taught homeowners new skills that they can transfer to future jobs. Another box, at one end of the house, contains plumbing and electrical appliances along with a staircase. The furniture in the living room and kitchen, for example, can be stored under the staircase to make space for commercial or productive enterprises.
Designed by KAA Design Group, a Los Angeles-based architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and branding company, HOM is sold as a lifestyle, not just a house, and proves beyond a doubt that this is not your average double wide.
Not only is the world rapidly urbanising, but North America in particular does not need more dream homes to drive to.
Rather than build a separate dog run away from the house, the couple wanted a way for the animals to be safe, but also have outdoor access.
Because a manufactured home is built in a controlled factory setting, it is easier to incorporate energy efficient features and environmentally friendly products into the home. Today, manufactured homes are among the safest housing choices.Manufactured Homes Come With Numerous AmenitiesFloor plans are available that range from basic to elaborate and may include vaulted or tray ceilings, fully-equipped kitchens, walk-in closets, and bathrooms with recessed tubs and whirlpools. Outdoors, where materials, workers and the entire home-building process are at the mercy of Mother Nature, workers are limited to the use of only basic tools.
The second level features a living room and two bedrooms for the parents and younger children.
Anderson Anderson developed a thoroughly integrated animal house, with decks and patios protected with easily sourced chain link. Because a modular home is built in a controlled factory setting, it is easier to incorporate energy efficient features and environmentally friendly products into the home.
Bay windows, awnings, patio covers, decks, site-built garages, and permanent foundations are often available as upgrades. Furthermore, both the federal government and the New Mexico state government have passed legislation enabling modular homeowners to obtain tax incentives for including energy efficient design and products in their homes. Modular home producers provide the consumer with every amenity at a reduced cost, and with design flexibility that provides a wide range of options! In New Mexico as well, more and more families are choosing manufactured housing over site-built housing. In some cases, home-buyers can also opt for stucco exteriors – perfect for achieving that New Mexico look!Manufactured Homes Licensees are Required to Post Consumer Protection BondsA great difference between a manufactured home and stick-built construction is the way manufactured housing manufacturers, retailers, and installers stand behind their homes. The difference is that those used to craft your manufactured home are stored indoors and then assembled in a controlled climate, making the most of both materials and worker talents. Modular home foundations are certified engineered in the same manner as those of site-built homes and are inspected by local building inspectors.After construction, the separate modules are site-delivered, where the components are securely placed onto the permanent foundation. In New Mexico if there is a problem with a manufactured home,  a consumer is able to file a consumer complaint with the New Mexico Manufactured Housing Division where the complaint will be investigated and where, if necessary, a consumer protection bond may be activated to bring the issue into compliance.
Manufacturers work with their local builder-dealer or general contractor in the area to make sure the home is properly installed.In addition, modular home manufacturers have the ability to service remote locations.
In addition, modular homes can be built with the same amenities and construction features as site-built homes that add to appraisal value.

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