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Beginning at Portsmouth to the north and stretching 17 miles south to the town of Seabrook, the New Hampshire Seacoast has many personalities along the way. He rode into Portsmouth to warm the colonists that the British were coming to seize all their gunpowder and shot.The local colonists stormed the King’s royal armory on New Castle Island and spirited away the gunpowder stored there.
New Hampshire real estate includes lakefront and coastal cottages that make perfect summer vacation destinations, year-round retreats nestled among mountains and rivers, and single-family homes in the city limits and suburbs, convenient to urban amenities. McGinn Realty & Associates coverage area includes some of the great towns in southern New Hampshire. McGinn & Associates Realty’s dynamic business approach has earned a powerful reputation as one of the areas market leaders. Pre-Purchase Final Walkthrough: Should You Do It?There are several things you need to check before you purchase a house. Beautiful New England WintersMcGinn Realty & Associates coverage area includes some of the great towns in southern New Hampshire.
Dover NH is located at the southern tip of Strafford County, right between the Cocheco and Bellamy Rivers, and is part of the general Seacoast NH areas.
Dover NH was settled in 1623, and at that time, it was one of the first three communities established in NH.

Originally built around 1815 as the Dover Cotton Factory, the 380,000 square foot facilty was refurbished and now operates as first class office space for tenants like Dell, Bank of America, MBNA, and several other Fortune 500 companies. By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Jim Lee & Ann Cummings permission to contact you via email or phone. It was later used to great effect during the battle of Bunker Hill.The Moran Company tugboats guide oceangoing ships to their Portsmouth berths. In fact New Hampshire’s 17 miles of coastline is the shortest of any of the US coastal states. It has the shortest coastline in the United States, bordering the Atlantic Ocean for 18 miles (29 km). Several outdoor recreation facilities are located within the city limits, including 900 acres (3.6 km2) of parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and public beaches.
The water in the foreground is a mill pond formed by damming the Cochecho River which flows through downtown Dover. Home to TWO former Olympians, Dover is very proud to be the homes of both Jenny Thompson and Cathy Schiro-O'Brien.  Jenny Thompson is the most decorated American Olympian of all time - she holds 12 medals, 8 of which are gold! Few history books report this story but Paul Revere actually made another famous midnight ride from Boston 4 months before the one most of us know about.

Portsmouth is also a working sea port town and home to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the nation’s oldest shipyard.
Local events include film festivals, road races, food tastings, and theatrical performances. By focusing and responding to customer needs, the company has created sales initiatives, which exceed even the highest expectations.
Cathy Schiro-O'Brien was a marathon runner in 1992 Summer Olympics.  She has been a cross country coach at Dover Middle School for a number of years. The state is also a major producer of maple syrup and maple sugar, producing nearly 90,000 gallons (340,687 L) of syrup annually. Over the years, this high level of performance has allowed the McGinn & Associates Realty to compile an impressive catalog of satisfied buyers and sellers, one transaction at a time.

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