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What do these photos of Jaffa Street (Rechov Jaffo) in Jerusalem and (below) one of the Moorlyn Theater in Ocean City, New Jersey have in common?
I love the terraces in the first photo, with the flowers and the Israeli flag, and the moon in the sky! The comparisons of architecture in Jerusalem and along the boardwalk on Ocean City are quite similar in shape and feel – the strolling customers just walking along taking all the sights in, and perhaps shopping on a whim.
Loew's Jersey Theatre is a elaborate, baroque style theatre designed by Rapp and Rapp in 1929.
I also found this on a nostalgia page for Ocean City: The Showboat Theatre, later the SURF Theatre, opened on Saturday June 29, 1929. The building was very interesting, however, in that you could see places where the place had been changed many times over the years.

Am I correct in remembering that this was the nicest theater in Ocean City, NJ, in the mid-1950s? I enjoyed seeing the photos showing the billboards on the back of the theater as well as those on the roof. Photos taken at that time of day are often less crisp but have a magical quality that makes up for that. The boxoffice record does not show the first film's title, but on Monday they were playing "The Flying Fool" along with five live acts. I seem to remember when they actually had advertisements for movies on them (an on-set of old age maybe). The former owner, Helen Shriver Schilling, did not wish to sell the properties to the local competetors, with whom she had an unfriendly history.

The Showboat was built after the devastating fire of 1927 and is advertised on the marquee as Ocean City's New Fireproof Theater. When the Boardwalk was rebuilt and moved east (closer to the ocean), the theater’s entrance and seating had to be changed to the opposite side of the building.

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