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A modular home is a factory-built, prefabricated home that consists of several sections, each of which is called a module. Modular Homes are sometimes confused with “mobile homes” or “trailers,” however modular actually refers to an innovative construction process.
Ben’s offers single family, one story and two story modular homes, multifamily homes and commercial modular buildings. Our growing list of satisfied customers range from areas spanning Nassau County, Queens, Western Suffolk, Long Beach, Baldwin, Freeport, Lindenhurst, and East Rockaway.
We’ll even be there to welcome you to your new home. As a family-owned and operated business, you can rest assured you will get the personalized and individualized service that you expect.

To learn more about Ben’s General Contracting modular homes and to receive a pricing estimate, we invite you to call us at (516) 623-2945. Ben’s General Contracting specializes in Long Island Modular Homes, NY Modular Homes, Prefabricated houses, and Custom Modular Homes.
Growing in popularity, modular homes are some of the most well engineered, cost effective homes available. Homes are built in a climate controlled manufacturing facility and transported to the project site where skilled builders assemble the new modular home and install it on its permanent foundation. When you purchase a new modular home from Ben’s, our modular team will work with you from start to finish.

With approximately 80% of the structure completed in the factory, there are fewer delays from inspections and bad weather at the building site.
We are convenient to Nassau County, Queens, Western Suffolk, Long Beach, Baldwin, Freeport, Lindenhurst, and East Rockaway. The chance of material theft and vandalism is minimized, fewer subcontractors are needed to complete the project and stress upon the home buyer as well as the surrounding community is significantly reduced.

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