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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Sunnyside Mobile Home Park offers country living just minutes from downtown Fayetteville and Fort Bragg Military Base. Founded more than 10 years ago, Carolina Country Homes is one of the largest, most experienced and financially stable builders of its kind in the market. We’ve earned our reputation through years of training, practical experience and professional certification.

Private and SecureCross Creek Pond is located in a neighborhood atmosphere that includes landscaping and a private lake for fishing.
Both communities are very well maintained with grass trimmed and on site management and maintenance. We are in one of the top school districts in Fayetteville -- we are across the street from Sunnyside Elementary School and close to Mac Williams Middle School and Cape Fear High School. Our team has more than a century of combined experience in real estate, home building and construction.

Choose from two communities both conveniently located near Cross Creek mall and all the best restaurants in Fayetteville. Lone Pine & Cross Creek Pond offer homes to rent or buy with in house financing and easy to afford payments.

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