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Cypress Canyon is a beautiful area located west of Anderson Mill Road and south of Lime Creek Road.
For more information about Cypress Canyon or to receive information about other homes for sale in Cedar Park, contact a Cedar Park Realtor today. WelcomeWelcome to the unofficial guide to Cedar Park, Texas -- your source for info about real estate, restaurants, and things to do around Cedar Park.
The mobile home living lifestyle has become quite popular and is a cost-effective way to retire to the Sunshine State without needing a lot of cash for a pricey home or condo. In fact, on the inside, many look so much like a traditional home that you can’t tell the difference.
There are a number of reasons that retirees choose a residential mobile home park to live in, particularly parks like Blue Jay that are only open to those who are 55+ years in age. Further, since mobile home living is so affordable, you will have money left to actually enjoy your retirement years, whether that means sightseeing, lounging on the beach, swimming in the community pool, visiting the clubhouse that is open to all Blue Jay residents, or just taking it easy. Blue Jay is a mobile home community situated in Palm Harbor, Florida, which is in Pinellas County. There can be a number of benefits to retiring so affordably to a sunny location like Florida.
There is an abundance of recreational opportunities for Floridians, and most mobile home communities, like Blue Jay, offer shared amenities like swimming pools, RV and boat parking, and so much more.
Gull Aire is home to many mobile homes that are on the market, looking for new retirees or others who are interested in living the affordable life in a mobile home community. The Tampa Bay region of Florida and Pinellas County in particular has been drawing retirees from all over the world for decades now. From world-class golf opportunities to hundreds of entertainment, dining and other venues for the retiree to choose from within driving distance of their mobile homes, there are a lot of reasons to call Gull Aire home. Mobile home living is not like it used to be, back when mobile homes were built cheaply and were nothing like a ‘real’ home. With moderate prices, finding Gull Aire mobile homes that suit your budget and that leave you plenty of wiggle room is one reason that this area is such a big draw to those who want to choose a sunny retirement destination.

Gull Aire is a premiere mobile home community located in Oldsmar, Florida, within close range of shopping, dining, and entertainment. For those who would prefer to swim close to home, the Gull Aire mobile home community features a community pool that is available for residents use. Throw away any preconceived notions that you have about mobile home living and consider the Gull Aire mobile home community for your retirement destination. Call one of our real estate agents today to find out more about Gull Aire mobile homes for sale, from those that are small and quaint to those that are lavish and airy, there are many options to consider that can make your dream of living in Florida a reality! Many people spend their lives dreaming of retiring to a sunny location only to hit retirement age and find that they don’t have the money to spend on a Florida retirement. Today’s mobile homes in retirement communities like Blue Jay are quite different from what you may envision when you see the word “mobile home”. This type of park is a surefire bet that you will have neighbors that you have a lot in common with, so there is a sense of community that develops that you wouldn’t see in other residential neighborhoods. Being within close proximity to Tampa, Blue Jay offers the quiet living that you’ve been dreaming of within just a short driving distance to the sights and sounds of a bigger city.
There are also smaller, cozier Blue Jay mobile homes for those who want to take a more minimalistic approach to retirement.
We stand “on the ready” to help you make your Florida retirement dreams come true by helping you find an ideal mobile home for your needs, whether in Blue Jay or one of the many other mobile home communities that we represent.
Who says that you have to be wealthy to enjoy retirement living in beautiful, sunny Pinellas County, Florida? Living in Gull Aire mobile homes is not just convenient and very much like living in a traditional home; it is also an affordable option for retiring in the Sunshine state, which is the dream of so many people. Many of them relocate to mobile home communities where they can spend their days close to the beach, or even lying on the beach! Mobile homes for sale in Gull Aire can be spacious, airy, and lavish, or cozy, intimate and comforting, ranging in size from one bedroom and one bath to four bedrooms and three baths, and everything in between. After all, shouldn’t retirement be filled with golfing, swimming, lounging by the pool, and living it up?

The avid outdoorsman will appreciate the close proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and top notch fishing, swimming, or just plain lazing around the beach. Many people find that living in a mobile home has not only financial perks (like reduced tax liability and lower costs for maintenance), but is also a cozy existence that can make living in the sunshine of Florida a possibility, even for those with lower incomes. That’s why more and more people are opting to move to affordable yet comfortable and inviting mobile homes, like those found in Blue Jay Mobile Home Park, just 45 minutes from Tampa in beautiful Palm Harbor, Florida.
As a bonus, living in a mobile home community means that you have less tax liability and fewer maintenance costs than living in a traditional home. Petersburg, Florida are within an hour’s drive of Blue Jay, there is a lot to do close at home, too, for those who choose to call this area home.
Sales of comfortable, cozy mobile homes in Florida are on the rise because they offer an efficient and economical option for people who want to retire in a place where fishing, boating, golfing, and sunning on the beach are just minutes from home. You’ll find a range of options when it comes to bedrooms, whether you want a one-bedroom mobile home or need more room. Not the residents of Gull Aire, a mobile home community located in Pinellas County in Oldsmar, Florida. Petersburg and Tampa, although there is much to do in Oldsmar proper, should one choose to remain closer to home. There are nationally recognized golf courses located within the county, and many opportunities for dining, shopping, and entertainment.
Oldsmar is located to the north of Tampa Bay and on the western side of the Florida Panhandle, but is within driving distance of both Tampa Bay and St. Notably, Oldsmar is the home of media research giant Nielsen Media Research, and Nielsen is a major employer in the area. If there are no current listings on this page, please contact us for more information or request an email alert of new properties entering the market.

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